FOTD, Blog Update, and Poll Results!

First off, here was my face of the day. This semester around I have a lot of day classes so I've really gotten into the habit of wearing a bold lip over doing eye makeup. I got this Milani Lip Flash Pencil in Photo Flash on sale a little while ago through creative couponing (CVS extrabucks plus a $5 off $10 and a 25% off coupon meant this was about 60 cents). It is a super bright, erring on metallic raspberry pink and I think it's so pretty. I'm not sure if I like the formula yet but I gotta keep wearing it before I have an opinion on it.


Secondly, I'm not sure if you guys might have noticed but I finally got rid of the and got my own .com domain! The new domain also gives me a new email address so if you want to ask me any questions, you can at

Lastly, I wanted to talk a little bit on the poll results and how I want to do better reviews. From the results, most everyone voted to see more eyeshadow and lipstick/lipgloss swatches and also anything featuring Indie Cosmetics so I'll try to do more posts on those topics!

With my future reviews, I do want to focus less on how well a product does relative to its price and more on the performance of the product. I think it is easy to get into the mindset of excusing some faults of a product because it doesn't have a high pricetag but I know that isn't quite fair to do so.

Oh and what brands (indie or otherwise) have been your guys' favorites or ones you've been curious about? I'd like to get an idea of companies to write about!


  1. Lipswatch all the things!!! Your lippy swatch posts are always fabulous.

  2. I really like this lip color on you, it looks great. Femme Fatale is one indie company that I'd like to see get some more recognition :-)

  3. That lip color looks great on you; I think you would also like Hot Flash which is more red but doesn't lack in the sparkle-ocity.

    I am totally out of the indie loop. All I can suggest is Marin (Linnaeus Cosmetics) when she finally comes back.

  4. I have the Milani Lip Flash pencils in News Flash and Flashy. I like the pencil version of Flashy much more than the Haute Flash version. News Flash is really dark and vampy on me.

  5. Lovin this lip color. I love all your lipstick swatches.

  6. I love your lip swatches! It would be cool to see some reviews of Detrivore Cosmetics, I haven't seen them much on any of the blogs I follow.

  7. Love the lip colour on you, you look really fresh faced and alert! I need me some of that buzz!

  8. Mai, that lip color looks stunning on you!


  9. What a fabulous lip pencil to get hold of, and on sale as well!!! I love bright lip colours, so you definitely get my vote haha!!!
    And good for you on the new domain, we're thinking of doing the same, is it hard to do??/Azure


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