Lip Tar Pencil Adventures: Black Dahlia Lip Tar

As beautiful a color as Black Dahlia lip tar is, it is finicky (even more so than the rest of the line) to apply because it can be a little streaky. A few people asked me whether I could turn Black Dahlia into a pencil (read my post and tutorial if you're interested!) and I did. IT TOTALLY WORKS.

Black Dahlia Lip Tar Pencil

The caveat is that you can't really layer the pencil the way you can with the lip tar, the color you get is as dark as it'll be but for the most part the streakiness/unevenness is gone and there is basically no bleeding into the lip lines. If you find Black Dahlia to be a PITA to apply, consider making it into a lip pencil! If I had to get hypercritical, I think the pencil is a smidgen lighter than the original but not by much. FYI you still have to have perfectly exfoliated lips, the color will still catch on imperfect lips.

If you've made any of your lip tars into lip pencils, I'd really love to see pictures! If you have any questions on the process, feel free to leave a comment.

PS If the blog looks different to you, it's because I scaled down the pictures and reduced the width of the blog. I originally liked having the larger images but I think they just looked too large over time and it was making it difficult to view the blog without scrolling. Anyway, I gotta give thanks to my boyfriend who wrote me a script so I wouldn't have to manually change back all my blog images! I hope you like the slightly more compact blog.


  1. That is just freaking amazing. I bought my first lip tar and while I'm not too fond of lip pencils, it's just so astounding to see liquid products turned into solid. Black Dahlia looks great on you btw ^_^

  2. I love this SO MUCH. Shades like this get me every time... I might have to bite

  3. I wore Grandma today but have yet to make the pencils. I should because the tubes are a pain.

  4. I love the color of this so much! It's very vibrant.


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