Sugarpill Cosmetics Brushes and Limited Edition Smitten Chromalust Available!

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So Sugarpill (Affiliate link) pulled a fast one on me in the middle of the night and just released their line of makeup brushes (made with synthetic hairs) and their limited edition Smitten Chromalust!

There are four brushes in the line, a large eyeshadow brush, a tapered crease and blending brush, a precision eyeliner brush, and a lip brush. The large eyeshadow and tapered blending brush are $20 each, the eyeliner brush is $16, and the lip brush is $18. Smitten Chromalust is $12.

sugarpill brushes


I actually thought the Chromalust was going to be released next week so it's awesome that it's on sale now. If you'd like, you can still enter my giveaway for a chance to win one otherwise ensure you have one in your hands by ordering it from the website. If you want to get the brushes and Smitten Chromalust, you can purchase a bundle set of all five items for $78 (instead of $86) but only until Tuesday, February 11th.

I briefly tried some of the brushes while I was at IMATS LA. I do think the price point is a bit high in comparison to the rest of their line but for some of you, it may be worth it to own other Sugarpill branded products. Sadly I felt that the eye brushes were a bit too big for my eye shape so I might exercise caution if you're seeking smaller brushes (with the exclusion of the lip and eyeliner brush of course). I hope their brushes will be available at The Makeup Show (via Nigel's or Naimies) so I can try it out some more!

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  1. I think their brushes are way too much money. I like Smitten though.

  2. The brushes are cute. I think the eyeshadow brush would work out for me.

  3. I love the pink theme of these brushes! I'm still debating over them.. like you said, they aren't exactly inexpensive.


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