Limnit Lipsticks New Collection/Formula Swatches and Review

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I'm extremely excited to be posting about the new lipstick colors from Limnit Lipsticks. Limnit Lipsticks is a brand I like due to their unusual colors and vegan formula. They've recently reformulated their lipsticks and released new colors which I'm happy to post swatches of!

I have swatches of eleven of the new colors and two of the older colors. In total, there are eighteen shades to the line.

Limnit Lipsticks Collage finale

Click below to read my thoughts on the new formula, see both lip swatches and full face photos of the lipsticks, and read a shade by shade breakdown. There's also currently a 20% off sale on the website until the 30th (no coupon needed!)

Where to Purchase: Limnit Lipsticks
Price: $12.95 for .15 oz of product in the full size jar, $4.60 for .07 oz of product in the sample jars (technically the sample jars are a better deal but clearly you don't have the advantage of the lipstick packaging)
Do they test on animals?: The company does not.
Packaging: The full size lipsticks come in a traditional lipstick bullet in a twistup case. The sample jars come in plastic 3 gram jars.

Formula/Difference between the new and original formula: 

Limnit Lipsticks reformulated their lipsticks to help make them smoother and less drying. After trying it out, the new formula is softer, creamier, and it isn't drying (on me). The creamier formula means it's much easier to apply but some of the colors were prone to applying unevenly with a brush. Some of the colors are creamier than others so I'll mention which shades these are and they were more prone to sinking into lip lines. The lipsticks aren't matte in finish (more of a cream finish) though I did notice that they did lose their shine over time.

I did feel that the fragrance in the formula seems to have been increased. There is fragrance listed in the formula and I believe it's an amaretto fragrance oil with sweet almond oil. The scent is not so artificial that it makes me sensitive but I was able to detect is as I applied the lipstick (the warmth and action of applying the lipstick seemed to enhance the scent) so that's something to keep in mind if you're sensitive to scents!

Wear Time: 

Wear time will differ depending on the lipstick shade and creaminess but I've gotten an average of four+ hours of wear.

Individual Swatches and Shade Overview:

Onto the individual shades! As I mentioned, some shades are creamier and more prone to applying unevenly with the brush than the rest. You can mattify the lipstick using a single ply of tissue as a barrier and applying powder on top.

As always, swatches were taken in natural daylight with no flash. 

Keep in mind, the lipsticks can/will look different on you depending on your skin tone and lip pigmentation. I have made the best attempts at photographing and editing the pictures to be as color accurate as possible and have included a picture of my bare lips for reference but they may look different on you than they do on me. If you have especially pigmented lips, a cooler skin tone, or a deeper skin tone they will differ. Please only take my swatches as a reference! I highly suggest purchasing samples if you're not sure if a color will look good on you.


Limnit Lipsticks Abracadabra 2

Abracadabra: A royal grape purple (slightly less neon in person). A beautiful purple, one that is going to be so flattering on women of color. It's creamy but not streaky, a good formula considering the shade. It is a red-toned purple in the jar though on me, I do see some of the the blue tones come out so it looks more grapey.

Between the Lines:

limnit lipsticks between the lines

Between The Lines: A marigold yellow, I postulate that this is a reference to the yellow of wooden pencils. I would say this was the most difficult to apply evenly on the lips. It was creamy but prone to looking streaky so it did sink into lip lines. I think a slightly harder formula might improve the pigmentation. 

Castle in the Sky

limnit lipsticks castle in the sky

Castle in the Sky: A pink tinged light purple, it's also creamy but not streaky despite the shade. It's absolutely wonderful on, I thought it would look very chalky against my skintone but it doesn't (in my opinion).

Flower Maze

limnit lipsticks flower maze 3 (1 of 1)

Flower Maze: A bright cornflower blue (Get it? flower maze...flower Maize...cornflower) like the name implies. Again, slightly less neon in person. It's got this grey tinge to the blue that's incredibly beautiful.


Limnit Lipsticks Freestyle 2

Freestyle: A bright turquoise blue, it's League of Our Own's much bluer sibling. Incredibly pigmented, and wasn't streaky during application. If you're into blue lipsticks, this is worth picking up.

Goodness Graycious

Limnit lipsticks Goodness Graycious 2

Goodness Graycious (not a new color): A grey, brown, maybe even purple mixture that I'm so completely into because of Lauren/The Doppelganger.This color is part of the original seven and not part of the new colors. If you like Olive My Love (shown later on in this post), I think you'll like Goodness Graycious and vice versa. It's such a strange color I'm not sure what to make of it; it gives me this undead corpse quality which I oddly like on me.

Mr. President

Limnit Lipsticks Mr President

Mr. President: A warm berry-tinged red. A not too bright red that is great if you're trying to dip your toes into red lipsticks. 

Olive My Love

Limnit Lipsticks Olive My Love 2

Olive My Love: A medium sage green, it's a color that will really differ depending on your skintone. Sometimes I think it's rather grey on me and other times I can see the green coming through. This is one of the creamier shades.

Petal to the Metal

Limnit Lipsticks Petal to the Metal

Petal to the Metal: A light pink. This was also difficult to apply evenly on the lips, cream but prone to looking streaky. Again, I think a slightly harder formula might improve the pigmentation.


Limnit Lipsticks Punkin

Punkin': A bright orange red. This color is part of the original seven and not part of the new colors. It's a bright orangey red that will be a great transition color into the orange lip trend!

Swept Away

Limnit Lipsticks Swept Away

Swept Away: A deeper mauve rose. I preferred this over Petal to the Metal because although they're similar colors, Swept Away is less prone to unevenness than Petal to the Metal.

The Fuchsia is Now

Limnit Lipsticks The Fuchsia is Now

The Fuchsia is Now: A bright fuchsia, it's brilliant but be careful because it instantly stains your lips. It's a go-to fuchsia for anyone who's into the bold.

The Other Side

limnit lipsticks the other side 3

The Other Side: A bright grass green. It looks deeper in the jar but pulls very light on my lips.


I'm pleased with the new formula, I think application will be much easier since it's creamier. In the past, I've noticed that vegan lipsticks can be quite hard and difficult to apply so I appreciate that this formula doesn't sacrifice texture by being vegan. I also like the traditional lipstick bullet, I'm not that huge of a fan of the fat chapstick style tubes for lipsticks. The formula isn't very matte (more of a cream finish) but you can mattify the lipstick using powder. I didn't find this lipstick to be drying on me.

I do think some of the colors could be improved by being made firmer/harder (Between the Lines and Petal to the Metal) and I would prefer a little less fragrance to the lipsticks but that might just be my scent preference.

My Personal Picks are Abracadabra, Castle in the Sky, Flower Maze, Goodness Graycious, and Swept Away.

I hope you appreciated this post! If you're into bright lipsticks, which might you try out?

Disclaimer: I received sample jars of these lipsticks courtesy of the brand for consideration. I was not compensated or paid for this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Mai, you really can wear all of these shades! Amazing. I just reviewed a blue lipstick, but it required at least 3 swipes and even though, it wasn't opaque. I love the opacity of these shades. Unfortunately, I can't wear the weird ones, but Mr. President and Punkin' look like my kind of colors. I've gotta look up the ingredients since I have dry lips.

  2. Have you tried the new NYX macaron lipsticks? If so, how do these compare in terms of formula and pigmentation?

  3. Ah, thank you for the swatches and reviews!!! Very helpful and detailed as always. I want so many, but Olive My Love has to be my top pick (you know my taste in lip colors well, hehe!) Castle in the Sky and The Other Side look amazing, too. It seems like Between the Lines could have the same flaw, formula-wise, as NYX Macaron lippie in Citron in that it's a little too creamy. Yellow lip colors seem hard to perfect in general.

  4. Goodness Graycious is a bit undead looking to me, too. LOL Your swatches are fabulous!

  5. Holy crap! Amazing swatches!

  6. I like Punkin! Your swatches are amazing!

  7. These look gorgeous. My favorite is Flower Maze. Periwinkle lipsticks seem hard to find compared to cyan blue lipsticks. The ambiguous nature of Olive My Love and Goodness Graycious makes them like color changing lipstick! I also cracked a smile at the name "The Fuchsia is Now", no shame.
    Your lipstick/lip product application is flawless. While I can see the streaky quality of Between the Lines and Petal to the Metal, you still made them look pretty damn good considering.

  8. I love Punkin'! Seriously, though, no one does lip swatches better than you!

  9. They look and sound amazing! So happy they are vegan :)

  10. Oh I love the purples. These look like they've got a beautiful texture!

  11. I've always loved your lip swatches, and these are perfect as always! What a fun group of colors!!

  12. Wonderful swatches. I wonder how these compare to the lippies that came out in the NYX Macaroon collection.

  13. Oh my, these are great swatches!

  14. You have gorgeous lips, everything looks good on you!

  15. Mr. President is the one I'd most like to try out.

  16. Your lips are gorge! No one can wear yellow lipstick, but you can! I love the grey one, but I don't think I could pull it off. My fave is Abracadabra!

  17. those are some crazy pigmented lip products. i love the shape of your lips too

  18. Ack - How could I choose - the purples are so fun and I want them all. I have not heard of this brand but I'm sold.

  19. Lovely swatches! Even the less common colors look great on you.

  20. The Fuchsia is Now is my favorite!

  21. I've never been a fan of the colored lipsticks but some of those shades look great on you!

  22. Wow, these look awesome. I don't wear shades like these, but they look fabulous!

  23. What fun colors! Abracadabra looks A.MA.ZING. on you!! i reaaaally like the gray, also. I think I have to pick that one up.

  24. Mr. President and Punkin' look pretty! I'd wear those. The others probably not. But even the bold colors somehow look kind of natural on you, it must be those gorgeous lips :-)


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