August 2014 Rocksbox Photos and Thoughts

I Purchased This

Today I wanted to steer away from makeup for the day to talk about this subscription and rental service for jewelry, Rocksbox (referral link). For $19, you get three pieces of jewelry to wear and you can return them for another set as many times as you want during the month. You can also purchase the pieces you receive in your box for 20% off.

I'm usually unadventurous with my jewelry so I appreciate the ability to try out jewelry and then return it when I'm done! I received a three month subscription so I'll be trying it out for three months and reassessing whether I will stay subscribed.

Since I don't have my ears pierced and have very slender wrists, I opted to stick with rings and necklaces but wasn't sure how restricted the selection would be. Thankfully I got three stylish pieces that I'd actually wear!

August 2014 Rocksbox (1 of 4)

The first piece is a necklace from House of Harlow. It retails for $75 and Rocksbox members can purchase it for $60.

August 2014 Rocksbox (3 of 4)

The necklace in the picture is coming off more blue than it actually is, it's more robin's egg blue like in the first picture. I really liked the color of the necklace but I did find that the silver beads in between the blue pieces made it a little difficult for the necklace to lie flat against my skin.

The second piece is a necklace from Urban Gem . It retails for $50 and Rocksbox members can get it for $40.

August 2014 Rocksbox (4 of 4)

The necklace is coming off super bright but the stones are more color accurate in the first picture. The stones in the picture are beveled and the different facets catch the light in a pretty way. I liked the chain of this necklace a lot better than the House of Harlow necklace.

The last piece is a midi ring from Gordana, it retails for $25 and Rocksbox members can purchase it for $20. Midi rings are actually supposed to go on your knuckle but since I have slender fingers, they work perfectly as regular rings. The ring is a spiral gold and is delicately stylish!

(The nail polish is Butter London Wallis) 

August 2014 Rocksbox (2 of 4)

I liked the contents for this first month's Rocksbox! I'll be reviewing the next two months' boxes and decide whether I'll subscribe.

If you'd like to sign up, feel free to use my referral link to get a month of the box for free! (I get $25 in referral credit).

Would you ever sign up for a jewelry subscription service like this?

Disclaimer: I received a three month subscription courtesy of the brand. All opinions are my own, I wasn't paid for this review.

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