Sunny's Body Products Hand Care Product & Scent Review

As I started growing my nails out for keeps this summer, I started to realize how important it is to maintain well-kept cuticles and moisturized hands overall. I've tried out a few different brands and was recommended to try out Sunny's Body Products (previously 365 Days of Polish) for its extensive scent options and multiple product lines.

I purchased a sampler pack of five of their hand care products which included a full size cuticle oil, full size intensive cuticle therapy, a full size of the miracle cuticle balm, a mini of their hand scrub, and a mini of their hand butter (previously hand cream) for $17.00. It'd retail for $22.00 if you purchased them all separately. They also have a monthly subscription sampler box available too if you'd like to get a collection each month.
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I'll talk about all five products separately along with the corresponding scents.

Cuticle Oil
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The cuticle oil comes in a glass bottle with a rollerball applicator. I like this way of packaging because it makes it extremely travel-friendly. This cuticle oil applies easily and does absorb quickly but I personally feel that the sweet almond oil formula isn't for me; I don't get quite enough moisturization out of it.

Hand Butter (previously Hand Cream)
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Based on the shop listing, I was actually expecting a light and emolient hand cream but the texture of this is more like a body butter (probably due to the shea butter base) and they've now changed the name to hand butter which is much more accurate. It's a cream that absorbs well into the hands. I actually hate the scent of the hand butter so it's difficult for me to wear, however it's very moisturizing and not super heavy or greasy.

Hand Scrub
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This sugar based hand scrub comes with a plastic spoon to help you dispense the product out. It's a slightly chunky hand scrub that isn't too grainy on your hands and the sugar washes away easily while leaving a layer of shea butter behind to moisturize your hands. I liked the product but it's a bit messy to use because it's in a jar (versus a tube or individually wrapped).

Intensive Cuticle Therapy
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If regular cuticle oils aren't enough for you or your cuticles need extra TLC, you'll really like the intensive cuticle therapy. It's a cuticle oil turned up to 11 with an argan oil and coconut oil base. I personally wish that this came in a rollerball as opposed to the dropper bottle so I could travel with it. You only need a tiny bit; I usually squeeze a drop onto each cuticle and rub it in. You could wear this with cotton gloves for an overnight soak!

Miracle Balm
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This cuticle balm is my favorite of the three cuticle products. I apply by scrapping a bit from the jar using the nail of my index finger and then dabbing a bit on each nail before rubbing it in. I think it absorbs the best that way and keeps my cuticles moisturized for ages. The scent from the balm also stays for hours on my nails. If you don't like the feel of cuticle oil, you'll love this balm.

Scent Review:

The five scents I got were Fruit Loops, Mango Papaya, Peach Nectar, Red Apple, and Sweet Meyer Lemon.

Fruit Loops: "Who doesn't love fruit loops? This smells just like the cereal" I can attest that this scent is exactly like the cereal, you can even smell the crunch on the first sniff. It's a bit scary how much it smells like the cereal.

Mango Papaya: "A blend of mango and papaya, very tropic" I didn't like this at first but the slight mango scent is growing on me. It smells like a light fruity mango, with an edge of the papaya to round it off.

Peach Nectar: "The aroma of fresh peach blended perfectly with a hint of the tropics create this rich, sweet, sultry scent" I wish I liked this scent more but instead of peach, I just get a cough syrup-y sweet floral from this. 

Red Apple: "Smells just like the fruit!" This was another scent that I didn't like at first but now I've come to enjoy the scent. It actually reminds me of what an apple candle smells like since it comes off just a little bit waxy-smelling.

Sweet Meyer Lemon: "Smells just like sweet lemons" Although it's lemony, it's not so lemony that it smells like kitchen cleaner. There is a sense of sweetness that cuts through the lemony edge. 

The scents from my most favorite to least favorite are: fruit loops, sweet meyer lemon, mango papaya, red apple, and then peach nectar.


When it comes to the cuticle products, the most moisturizing is the miracle balm, then the intensive cuticle therapy, then the regular cuticle oil. Using the cuticle oil made me realize that I don't like sweet almond oil based oils, they tend to absorb too quickly so they're not as moisturizing as other cuticle oils which stay around a little longer. If you're looking to invest in any hand care products, I highly high recommend the brand and its products!


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