Best of Indie - Reader's Choice Awards Nomination Period

Hi everyone!

For the holiday season, I wanted to do a Reader's Choice Awards series specifically for indie brands. There are tons out there that focus on mainstream cosmetic brands but there really isn't one specifically for indie brands.

The way I have it set up is that you can nominate your favorite indie brands and indie products, with a focus on handcrafted products. This means that brands like OCC, Sugarpill, and Makeupgeek wouldn't be applicable since their products are not manufactured in house by the owner. That's not bad of course (especially on the scale that they operate), but I'm wanting to focus on the smaller, handcrafted brands.

The nomination period starts now until the 26th (or until nominations peter out). After the nomination period, I'll compile the results and let everyone vote on the brands and products for another two weeks. After everyone votes, I'll announce the top three winners for each category and will hopefully have it up by January 12th. By then, most indie shops will have returned from their winter hibernation and you'll all have new shops to purchase from!

All nominated brands will be included as long as they handcraft their products, I won't be including them if they utilize a lab to manufacture their products. For ease, I've generated a Google Form that you can use. Feel free to fill out as few or as many categories as you'd like. There's no real "prize" to the award but I do hope this gives many brands the opportunity to get the adoration that they so richly deserve! The focus is primarily on makeup brands but there are a few categories for handcrafted perfume and bath and body products.

If there's a category you'd like to see added during the nomination period, please leave me a comment and if enough people want to add it, I'll be sure to edit the Google Doc. I'm focusing on specific products and not colors at this point. The complete results will not be public as I don't want to hurt the feelings of brands who may not have received an expected number of votes. I will include all brands in the nomination period (again, excluding brands that utilize a lab).

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  1. Wow it looks beautiful on you! I want it but I want it to look like that color, thanks for providing the link to Phyrras post to see the different color it takes on. I even saw her post but I wouldn't have put it together that its the same lipstick!


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