ISSE Long Beach 2015: Show Overview and Nail Trend Report

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So uh this is a few weeks late but I wanted to talk about my experiences at ISSE Long Beach 2015. I had the opportunity to attend and cover some of the new nail polish trends and products available at the show. I'll talk about the biggest nail polish trend I saw and show pictures of some of the booths. What I hope to see in future shows is representation from indie brands. I think the only "indie" company I saw was MoYou London, who were selling nail stamping plates at the show. I think with trends like indie nail polish and nail vinyls, it'd be a great opportunity to see them represented at the show.

Anyway, onto my photos!
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One of the most unique products I saw at the show was from the brand Gelibility. They sell a system that allows you to turn your nail polish into gel polish. 

Part one of the system is the Stick-It, which is the base gel to your manicure. Then you mix equal parts of the Fix-It with your nail polish of choice and apply the mixture with the nail polish brush (not the Fix-It brush). You top it off with the Fix-It and you're done! 

You do have to cure the polish in between the steps but it sounds very intriguing. Be sure to check out their website for instructions and more information!

Morgan Taylor/Gelish 

Morgan Taylor is a new to me brand but I've heard great things about the company. I was most intrigued about the Cinderella collection released in conjunction with the Disney Cinderella movie. They are a professional brand so you may have difficulty finding them in stores but they're available at beauty supply stores and 
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Gelish is the parent company of Morgan Taylor so if you'd like a gel polish version of the Cinderella colors, be sure to check out Gelish!
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The Wet Brush is a magical hairbrush. I know it may not seem like anything special but trust when I say it's fabulous for both short hair and long hair. It glides through straight hair so well and is worth the investment.

Nail Polish Trend

The biggest buzzword I've seen for nail polish is "extended wear". I think nearly every major nail polish brand is coming out with their own extended wear polish, promising between 7-10 days of wear without curing with a UV or LED light. Instead of curing with UV or LED lights, the top coats actually cure with natural light over time so you'll see that they'll come in opaque black bottles (to prevent light exposure). Be sure to keep the topcoat tightly shut to prevent it from drying out. When I went to the show, I took pictures of each brand's version of extended wear.

China Glaze Ever Glaze

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China Glaze's rendition is their Ever Glaze. The system consists of the nail polish and accompanying top coat. This system promises up to a 10 days of wear. The polish has the base coat in it already and the paired topcoat cures with natural light. It promises to remove like regular polish too. I purchased the Ever Glaze polish and top coat and will be reviewing my experience with the system soon.

The Ever Glaze polish and topcoat will retail around $9 each and is available now at Sally Beauty Supply.

CND Vinylux

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CND Vinylux was one of the first (or the originator) to come out with a weekly polish. Vinylux consists of a system of the Vinlyux polish with Vinylux top coat and promises up to 7 days of wear or twice the wear of your regular polish. Although they do emphasize using the Vinylux topcoat with the accompanying polish, I've actually had great wear pairing the Vinlyux topcoat with regular polishes. I purchased the Vinylux polish and top coat and will be reviewing my experience with the system soon.

The Vinylux polish and topcoat retail for $9.99 each.

Jessica Phenom

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Jessica's Phenom is a two/three-part nail system with the color and topcoat. I say two/three since you can pair it with any of Jessica's basecoats as there isn't a specific basecoat with the system. This promises up to 10 days of wear and the polish and topcoat retail for $11 each.

OPI Infinite Shine

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The OPI system is unique in that it's a three part system, requiring a base primer, polish, and top coat. They also had a great variety of colors, from brights to neutrals. Personally though, the price tag (below) plus the fact that you have to invest in the base primer is a turn-off for me. 

The Infinite Shine Primer, Polish, and Top Coat will retails around $12.50 each.


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The Orly EPIX system is a two-part system and is unique amongst the other extended wear polishes. Not only do they boast a 7 day wear, the EPIX also emphasizes a "smudge-fixing" technology, where the polish will self-level if you smudge it while the topcoat is drying. I think it's an intriguing spin on the trend. I also like that the bottles have the rubberized handle. I purchased the Orly EPIX nail polish and topcoat and will be reviewing my experience with the system soon.

I'm not sure how much the Orly EPIX nail polish and top coat will retail for but it will probably be around $7-$10 each.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the booths I saw at ISSE Long Beach and the newest nail polish trend. I have the China Glaze Ever Glaze, CND Vinylux, and Orly EPIX systems that I've been trying out and will post my reviews soon!

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