My 5 Essential Nail Care Products

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Whenever anyone takes a look at my nails, they usually ask one of two things: "Are those your real nails?" and "Did you do them yourself?". They're long enough to make people wonder if they're fake but they're not thick (like they would be if they were acrylic) it makes people question if they're fake. I thought I'd share a few of the items I use to keep my nails in shape.

5 essential nail care products (2 of 2)

Crystal Nail File. Once you go crystal, you'll stop using those metal or paper nail files. They always stay sharp and file nails cleanly and quickly. I am currently using a La Vaque Crystal Nail File but I also recommend the Mont Bleu Crystal Nail Files, which get a ton of great reviews in the nail community. 

Farmhouse Fresh Whipped Honey Salt Scrub. Each week (or every manicure change), I always prep both my hands and nails with a scrub. I'm currently enjoying the Farmhouse Fresh Scrub since it doesn't leave any residue behind after I use it. It just does what it says it does and exfoliates both my hands and nails for my manicure. It comes with a wooden spoon (not pictured) so you can scoop out as much as you need. It's also vegan! You can get this at Beauty Collection online or in stores.

Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Cream Shea Butter. Working as both a hand and body lotion, the Whoopie! Cream Shea Butter is light but moisturizing enough to work wonders. It's not too heavy and has a fabulous sweet scent. The scent reminds me of the filling of a whoopee pie. It's also packaged in a glass pump bottle so it looks fabulous on your bedside table or in your bathroom. You can get this at Beauty Collection stores.

Sunny's Body Products Intensive Cuticle Therapy. I've mentioned the wonders of this cuticle oil before I'm sure. The line comes in an incredible amount of scents so you're sure to find a scent that will suit you. It doesn't absorb too quickly so it helps keep your cuticles moisturized. I've been really happy with this and another DIY Cuticle Oil I've made (which I'll post about soon!

Sunny's Body Products Miracle Balm. Although I love cuticle oils, I'm sure there are people out there who can't stand dealing with oils. Have no fear because the Miracle Balm is here. This cuticle balm lives up to its name; it's an absolute miracle for moisturizing your cuticles and nail without dealing with the feeling of oil. Like all the other Sunny's Body Products, you can get this in the scent of your choice. I usually scrape a bit off with each nail, then rub it into my nail and cuticle.

What are your nail care essentials?

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  1. Whoopie Cream sounds wonderful! I love beauty products that smell like food :)

  2. I got a sample of the Whoopie Cream and I LOVED it! They had it at a local salon I went to for a massage! Thanks for sharing your secrets :) My nail care essentials are cuticle oil throughout the day, hand cream a couple times a day and a mani soak and scrub every now and then (I wish I was more religious about it!)


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