Make Sure You Put Your Best Foot Forward with Amopé Pedi Perfect

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Can I just say upfront, once you try the Amopé Pedi Perfect I'm fairly confident you won't go back to those manual foot files, rasps, or pumice stones. This is a game-changer for anyone who has to be standing all day (I'm looking at you nurses, food service workers, retail workers, pharmacists, etc!) and I know it's been a godsend for me.

With winter coming in the Northern Hemisphere, I know my feet would normally go through some trials and tribulations but this is going to change things up for the better. I know it's a foot file and maybe it's a bit dramatic to wax lyrically about its benefits but I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the bomb.

amope pedi perfect

Proceed to learn more about this miracle tool for anyone whose feet needs some help...

I have the Pink Amopé with the Extra Coarse heads. They also make it in Blue with the Regular Coarse heads (affiliate) and Regular Coarse refills (affiliate). They currently don't have refills in the Extra Coarse option but I am hoping that they'll come out with them soon!

Where to Purchase: Amazon (affiliate), Walmart stores, Target stores
Price: $30-$35 depending on where you purchase.

Now the usual problem with the manual foot tools is that the surface usually has to be really coarse or have larger grates to make any headway since you're powering it yourself. The Amopé is different because it replaces some of coarseness for power. It doesn't feel like you're putting sandpaper against your skin, but it manages to be more effective since it's spinning so fast.

When I was using other manual foot tools, it used to feel like I was grating myself alive with those foot rasps and I always had to be super careful not to file off too much or my feet would get sore. Instead, the Amopé legit doesn't hurt and barely feels like I'm skimming over my feet. However, that doesn't make it any less effective and I've been so pleased with the outcome.

How to Use: 

It's super easy. You turn it on and off by twisting the silver ring (between the pink and white). You merely glide it over the areas that need some care, making sure not to stay in one spot for more than 3-4 seconds. It will automatically stop spinning if you're pushing too hard but you don't need to put lots of pressure on it. Use only on dry skin, not wet skin. 

Use in the tub or over a wastebasket to catch any filings. It does make some noise but it's not too loud.

Here's a closeup of the file head. The head is replaceable so when it wears out, it's super easy to replace. 


I saw results after only a few uses. I now continue using it every day to stave off any dryness and to keep my feet in tip top shape. It did not hurt or leave my feet feeling sore or grated.

The true test was with my mother. My mother stands on her feet for many hours of the day and has trouble with really gnarly cracked heels. After a few days using a combination of shea butter and the Amopé foot file, there's been a ton of progress and I plan to continue using it for preventative measures to help with her cracked heels. 


If you suffer from dry cracked heels and the usual pumice stone and rasp isn't cutting it, you owe yourself to check out the Amopé Pedi Perfect. It doesn't hurt to use, it's easy, and it's truly effective. Your heels will thank you! If you're creating a gift basket or need a bath and body product to give away, this would be absolutely perfect for it.

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