REVIEW: Luxie Beauty Precision Face Brushes

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Hey everyone!

Today I'm reviewing the Luxie Beauty Precision Face Brushes that just launched on their website. I had the pleasure of checking the brand out at Generation Beauty and receiving a set of the Precision Brushes
at the show. 

I remember seeing the line on Instagram and being absolutely entranced by the pink handles and rose gold ferrules. It's a brush line you want to display on your vanity. The brush line is vegan/cruelty free, uses only synthetic bristles, and the brushes are coated in an antibacterial solution.

Feel free to listen to my review or read it below!:

Before I get to the review, I did want to note that the name of a brush can always be taken as a suggestion. You can definitely use the brush for whatever purpose you like no matter what it's called.

Small Contour Brush 512: 16.00

luxie beauty brushes-7

This brush isn't a part of the Precision Face line but since I received it along with the other Precision brushes, I thought I would review it anyway. I like using the brush for powder highlight. I think you can also use it for powder contouring when you want a more natural look and not a concentrated contour. I think it's not dense enough for using with cream contour products.

Pro Precision Tapered Brush 640: 24.00

luxie beauty brushes-8

If you're not yet over the "baking" trend (where you let translucent powder set onto your face for several minutes before brushing the excess away to get a flawless look), then you might be down for the Pro Precision Tapered Brush. The brush is quite flexible, verging on floppy so it will be able to brush away any excess powder on your face.

It's not bad per se but I think since it's a brush solely for the purposes of a trend, I think you can live without it.

Precision Angled Contour 650: 24.00

luxie beauty brushes-6

This brush can be used for both powder and cream contour products. With this brush, I think it's better for blending out product instead of applying it since it may overpay due to its density. If you were going to use it with cream products, you should use it with creamier products to help blend it out. I think it would also work well for powder products and for carving out your cheekbones.

Precision Foundation 660: 18.00

luxie beauty brushes-3

I'm kind of mehhhh with this brush. If you prefer smaller powder brushes then I think you might like this but I personally didn't like the shape. I thought it was too small to use it with liquid or powder foundation.

Pro Precision Face Brush 680: 26.00

luxie beauty brushes-4

If you were to get any brush from the line, make it this one. The brush may not look like anything special at first but it's dense and sports a beveled profile and the gentle slope allows it to sit really well against your skin. 

It makes applying liquid or cream foundation a breeze since the density of the brush and the shape works your face to smooth and buff product in. If you're someone who likes using a flat foundation brush and but hates how scratchy the bristles can feel, you can use this brush to lay on product in a similar way with the beveled edge. Be careful when washing it since it can be a pain unless you're using one of those silicone face wash disks to help scrub the center of the brush.

Do you have any Luxie Beauty brushes? Don't they look super pretty with the pink and rose gold?

Disclaimer: I received the brushes courtesy of Ipsy/Luxie Beauty. All opinions are my own! I was not compensated for this post.

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