Milk Makeup Eye Pigment in Silent Disco - Swatch and Review

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Hey everyone! Today I have a review of the Milk Makeup Eye Pigment that I got in the Sephora Favorites Extravagant Eyes Set

I first learned about Milk Makeup after watching their product videos on their Youtube channel. From the videos they have though and information on the website, the products are meant to be fuss-free and easy to apply. The product line seems to cater to everyone on the makeup spectrum; some products give me this quirky and artistic vibe while others gives off this effortless and fresh vibe.

I played with the Eye Pigment when I saw Milk Makeup at my local store but I wanted to give it a full try and was excited about seeing it in this Sephora Favorites set.

Milk Makeup Eye Pigment in Silent Disco

Where to Purchase: Milk Makeup, Sephora
Price: $24.00 for .34 oz
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals.
Packaging: The Eye Pigment comes in a squeeze tube with see-through packaging so you can easily tell which color you're using.

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Milk Makeup says the Eye Pigment is a "highly pigmented, long wear cream shadow in a portable tube delivers attention-grabbing color in one swipe. Hyper pearlescent micas create dimensional looks that can be as refined or rebellious as you want. Use fingertips to dab onto lid and blend, layer to intensify. Formula stays put and will not crease"

Is the formula long-lasting? Technically yes. Is it annoying to apply and difficult to blend? Also yes. This is a formula that you have to do a careful blend of swiping and patting to get the color to apply evenly on your eyelids. Dabbing ends up making the color apply patchy and you end up with more product on your finger than on your eyelid. 

You also have to work quickly because there's a narrow window where it'll still blend out but if you wait too long you end up just sheering the product out and making it patchy. I have ended up with drag marks on my eyes where I tried it blend it out but it's set unevenly.

For sure, it's not a product I would just apply and go; I feel like you have to be careful when applying otherwise it looks unblended on your eyes especially since it's such a dark color.


Silent Disco is described as "brown", which could be true but it's understating the color. It's a blackened brown with purple and gold shimmers.

Milk Makeup Eye Pigment in Silent Disco


For me, the Eye Pigment is a pass. Perhaps other colors in the line are easier to apply or wear but this particular shade was fussy and I didn't feel like the effect I got was worth all the effort. I'm rather interested in trying other items in the line like the Highlighter and the Bronzer.

Have you tried anything from Milk Makeup? Do you have any recommendations?

Disclaimer: I purchased this myself. All opinions are my own. I was not paid to post this review. The post contains affiliate links which provides me with a commission based on your use of the link when making a purchase.


  1. This would be a great introduction to highlighters. The price is so right and it's going to be subtly gorgeous on.

  2. Love the way it looks on your skin!

  3. Looks like a great highlighter!

  4. This is perfect for a light wash highlighter, and I like that it's not all shimmery and glittery!

  5. Baked highlighters are the only kind that I can get away with because my pores are a bit large and my skin tends to be oily, usually highlighter isn't flattering or even necessary unless I'm wearing heavy makeup. I have had good luck with baked powder ones though- they give a subtle glow rather than glitter.


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