Warm Sienna Browns Eye Look ft. Anastasia Eyeshadows

Hey everyone! It's been a little while since I posted an eye makeup look and thought I'd share one using some of the Anastasia Eyeshadows I got from their Black Friday sale. The single eyeshadows were only $4.80 (discounted from $12.00) and I used Fawn, Fudge, Sienna, and Peach Sorbet in this look. 

I'm also trying something a little new when it comes to my eyebrows. I feel like in the past I tried to downplay the overall width of my brows and used product to add "sleekness" but now I'm trying to embrace the overall fullness while still enhancing its shape.

Products Used:

Anastasia Fawn (in the crease)
Anastasia Fudge (in the outer corner)
Anastasia Peach Sorbet (in the inner corner)
Anastasia Sienna (on the lid and blended upward towards Fawn)

I'm trying to make a conscientious effort to update my blog/social media more frequently and balance out my time between work and my hobbies more fairly. The blog got very review-heavy over the last few years and I'm hoping to counter that and go back to my roots with more makeup looks.

Hopefully the new year has been kind to you so far!

Disclaimer: I purchased the Milani, Makeup Geek, Anastasia, and Ardell Lashes myself. I got the Tarte Liner courtesy of Gen Beauty. There are affiliate links in this post which provide me with a commission based off your use of the link.

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