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Hey everyone!

Today I have a review and swatches of four Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips. I picked up a few of the best selling shades to try out: Aquarius, Dopey, Echo Park, and Frick N' Frack. I'm a bit late on the Ultra Satin Lip train but I decided to pick them up after they had a promotion for free shipping.

The Ultra Satin Lip are 3.2 grams/0.11 oz for $6.00, which is extremely inexpensive for a liquid lipstick nowadays.

(I love the holographic text but be warned that the writing wears off rather quickly!)

Click through to read my review and see my lip swatches/full face photos.

Colourpop says "A creamy, bold lipstick with a satin finish. This formula has the same high percentage of pigments as an Ultra Matte Lip but contains emollient ingredients for added moisture, keeping lips looking fresh and feeling super comfortable. Though this lipstick is super long-wearing, it is not completely kiss-proof and does transfer."

Colourpop describes it as having a "satin" finish; Some shades range from having a satin to an almost matte finish, especially if you press your lips together or give it time to dry. All the shades are creamy, smooth, and thin while still being pigmented. Most are a dream to apply. The exception is Aquarius for me, this was a little more prone to looking uneven as I pressed my lips together. It doesn't dry down completely, so there is a bit of a tackiness to the formula that goes away over time. However, it still manages to be a fairly light-weight formula, not heavy or cloying like so many matte liquid lipsticks.

What sets it apart from your usual "liquid lipstick" is that while it is long wearing, you can  easily reapply over the existing product if you need to touch up. Most liquid lipsticks are notoriously awful if reapplied; they end up just making your lips shrivel up or heavy looking. In contrast, I've been able to touch up/reapply if it's worn away in the center of my lips after an especially oily meal. The doefoot applicator is also the right size to pick up enough product to apply on your lips without needing to go back to dip for more.

I've been able to get seven hours of wear with a light meal with no touch ups; I will need to touch up if I have a meal that's a bit oily but like I said above, it's not a problem at all.

Here are my lip/face swatches of all four colors. These swatches were done in natural daylight with no flash.


Aquarius (described as a soft pinky nude): This shade was devised in collaboration with Kathleen Lights; unfortunately I think the shade runs just a little too light on my skintone so I don't think it looks particularly flattering. 


Dopey (described as a muted pink): This is a gorgeous rosy mauve; there's a hint of purple with the pink to add some depth but not too much purple that it stands out too drastically against your lips. It's incredibly smooth, pigmented, and even to apply.

Echo Park

Echo Park (described as a warm peachy nude): Echo Park is my second favorite color of the four I got; it's peachy-pink that's warm enough that it's great for spring without being too orangey. 

Frick N' Frack

Frick N' Frack (described as a rosy terracotta): Frick N' Frack is a deep brick red, I would have loved this shade in winter but I think it's a tad too deep for me to wear during Spring/Summer without mixing.

Conclusion: If you're looking to try out some liquid lipsticks but have hated how traditional formulas dry out your lips or look too matte, these Ultra Satin Lips are so worth a shot. For $6.00, you won't break the bank and there's a great variety of shades to try! I plan on getting more shades since the formula is so good and feels refreshing compared to most matte liquid lipsticks.

Disclaimer: I purchased these myself. All opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post.

Have you tried any of the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips?


  1. Allison @neversaydiebeautyApril 17, 2017 at 11:16 AM

    As always, all of the shades look fabulous on you. I've had mixed results with the Ultra Satin on my bone dry lips: they are still rather drying on me. But Frick N Frack is such a great shade, that I may have to go for it anyway!

  2. SO PRETTY! I need all the colors!

  3. These all look great on you. I'd buy Aquarius since that's the shade I look for when shopping.

  4. I've always been on the fence about Colourpop but I think they've addressed some of their formula issues and the price is pretty much unbeatable. I'm tempted by Aquarius just because it's my star sign but I think it would be too light for me!
    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

  5. ColourPop's lippies impress me so much! These look great on you!

  6. I have a few of the glossy ones and love them!

  7. I love their lipsticks soooo much. The Satin is my fav finish as well in their liquid lips.

  8. I really love this finish the most out of their lines because it's still matte "enough" to stay put but a little more comfortable in my opinion.

  9. These are my guilty pleasure. I own all of them (even colors I usually wouldn't wear). I love Dopey and Echo Park on you!

  10. Frick N' Frack is one of my favorites from them.

  11. I own a couple Ultra Satins, but haven't worn them in a while. They really do feel great on the lips, don't they? Colourpop makes them so affordable, too!


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