It Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow Face Palettes - Review and Swatches

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Hey everyone!

Today I have a review on the It Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow, a three-in-one highlighter, blush, and bronzer palette. These are marketed as a "Skin-Transforming Healthy Flush Blushing Bronzer". As a whole, It Cosmetics bases their brand on being a merge of both skincare and makeup, especially their choice to collaborate with plastic surgeons for many of their products.

What's interesting is that it promises your highlighter, blush, and bronzer in one sweep, yet the colors in the pan are running vertically/top to bottom instead of horizontally/left to right. Using a brush to sweep across left to right does a better job at blending the colors together instead of creating a gradient effect of highlighter, blush, and bronzer across your cheeks, but the color you get is still beautiful.

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The Palettes are $32.00 for 14.76 grams/0.52 oz of product. You can get the palettes on ITCosmetics and ULTA

The shades are:
  • Instant Natural Glow – "for a natural rosy kiss of radiance and natural boost of warmth". 
  • Instant Nude Glow – "for the softest, sheerest naturally pretty glow". 
  • Instant Warm Glow – "your richest shade of bronzer for the deepest color payoff, with a gorgeous peachy-pink flush for your brightening radiance". 
Instant Natural Glow has a pearly highlight, rosy blush, and a medium warm bronzer. 

Instant Nude Glow has a light golden highlight, light peachy blush, and light/medium neutral bronzer. 

Instant Warm Glow has a pinky highlight, coral blush, and a reddish bronzer.

I personally don't like to wear the colors mixed together to replace the effect of your typical individual highlighter, blush, and bronzer. The individual sections are large enough that you can comfortably fit a face brush into each section without worrying that you're going to bump into the next color.


It Cosmetics says:
  • "Get the look of an instant all-over vitality-filled glow, plus a boost of brightening and radiant warmth, in one simple step! From the sensorial experience of the fresh orange scent to the powerful vitamin C-infused radiance-boosting and brightening formula, Confidence in Your Glow™ transforms the look of your complexion with high-performance, anti-aging ingredients and talc-free, ultra-luxe pigments. Combined with proprietary Drops of Light Technology™, your skin will feel instantly softer and smoother with a younger, airbrushed appearance! Developed with plastic surgeons and perfect for all skin types and tones, this compact is truly your one-step wonder for your most beautiful-looking skin"
I decided to test each section out individually and also swirled together to see the effect of both. I like that each palette has a different set of colors, it's not just the same highlighter and bronzer for each blush color.

I was pleased with each shade in the palettes. They were pigmented while still being blendable and soft and smooth. I didn't notice a lot of kickback or fallout when using each shade individually, however, I did notice some kickback/fallout when sweeping a brush across three shades/trying to swirl the three shades together so that is something to be mindful of. 

The powders were easy to apply and didn't negatively accentuate my skin texture or look patchy on my skin. I can appreciate that they tried to combine a highlighter, blush, and bronzer in one palette while making all of the shades very complimentary to each other.

Wear time with the powders was excellent too, lasting about 7-8 hours on me and wearing quite evenly on my oily skin.


Instant Natural Glow

Instant Nude Glow

Instant Warm Glow

Some Thoughts on the Shade Range

For people who might be newer to face products with a light to medium skintone, Instant Nude Glow is gonna be your compact. The highlight adds a gorgeous sheen but isn't too light, the blush isn't too bright, and the bronzer a neutral color that you can easily build. Between Instant Natural Glow and Instant Warm Glow, I prefer the highlighter and blush of Instant Warm Glow but the bronzer of Instant Natural Glow better, since the one that comes with Instant Warm Glow comes off a little too pink in my opinion.

However, It Cosmetics has a tendency to say that their products are "universal" and/or suit all skin tones but I think this shade range is very limited. If you're beyond probably a medium-tan skin tone, I don't know how well the blushes/bronzers will show up on your skin. This is the biggest downside to a product that I think would cater to so many people otherwise. 


The palettes are beautiful and I quite like how there's a variety of colors available for people looking for a subtle look to a brighter look. I do think the shade range should still be expanded since they've got a great formula for the line. I could see this appealing to people who don't have that many face products to others who just want to carry everything for the cheeks in one palette!

What is your current favorite blush, bronzer, and highlighter combination?

Disclaimer: I purchased these products myself. I was not compensated for writing this blog post. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post.


  1. I really like the one I have, and I am the same - I use the shades individually vs. one sweep.

  2. These are so pretty and I keep reading good reviews on them.

  3. I love these! They're perfect for making it seem like I'm noticeably more "tan" without being in the sun!

  4. I have nude glow and the brush (great deal on QVC so that the brush is basically $4) and really enjoy it. I'm better off with the colors individually too.

  5. Instant Nude Glow is right up my alley. I would hate to mix the colours, too.

  6. These palettes are gorgeous, and I really like that color flow effect. I have a similar product from another brand, and I actually wore the shades swirled together a few times. Surprisingly, it looked pretty nice on my cheeks :)

  7. So I love how these swatch but I don't actually like using them with a brush because the shades get all mixed.

  8. these are so pretty. the warm glow looks quite a bit like some becca palettes.


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