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ABH Modern Renaissance Look #2 - A Cooler Smoky Mauve

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Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share another look I did using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette. Whenever I looked at the palette and saw makeup looks online using the palette, most people went for really warm or reddish looks since there are a ton of warm colors. I already did a warm reddish orangey look using this palette so I wanted to contrast that with a cooler toned look. I went for Buon Fresco since it's a beautiful cooler mauve and it's such a nice pop of cool tones relative to the rest of the colors. 

Click through for close up eye photos and everything else I used in the look! 

Viseart Petit Pro Palette - Swatches and Review

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Hey everyone!

Today I have a review on the Viseart Petit Pro Palette. I think most everyone in the beauty community has heard about Viseart eyeshadows; this is a range of French eyeshadows that were primarily targeted towards makeup artists/professionals before being thrust into the consumer spotlight after launching on Sephora. 

I've mentioned the brand before, almost consistently every time I went to The Makeup Show LA but I never splurged on one of the palettes despite how well loved they were by the professional community. However, the launch of the Petit Pro Palette (and its $30 price tag) was much more palatable and I decided to pick this up.

Click through to read my review and see swatches!

ABH Modern Renaissance Look #1: Warmish Orangey Red

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Hey everyone!

I recently got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette (yeah look at me I got on the hype train can I call myself a true beauty blogger now) when I went to the grand opening party at Sephora Century City. 

Given how popular the palette is, I wanted to pretty extensively try it out before reviewing it on the blog. I figured I would share some of the different looks I am able to create from the palette and this is the first one. I'm so into warm orangey red lately so here is the first one I did.

Click through to see close ups of the eye look and a list of what I used.

Glossier Balm Dotcom in Original Review

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Hey everyone! 

Today I have a review of the Glossier Balm Dotcom in Original. For a brand like Glossier, who markets that "effortless my skin is perfect so I don't need to use a lot of product but here's what you can use to get that I'm not trying that hard" vibe, it's not surprising that they have something like the Balm Dotcom in their range. It's marketed as a universal skin salve, something you can use all over for dry skin. They say you can use it on lips, cuticles, or any rough patches.

I'm personally someone who really really loves petroleum jelly based lip balms so even though it's $12.00 for 0.5 oz, I had to try it anyway. I'll also make a comparison of this lip balm to my current favorite lip balm later on in the review.

Click through to read my review and learn whether this lip balm will be for you!