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New Release: Sugarpill Pro Palette, Pro Pans, and Discontinued Palettes

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Hey everyone!

Sugarpill is finally launching their long awaited Pro Palette and Pro Pans today at 12PM PST or 9AM EST. The Pro Palette is a refillable eyeshadow palette and the Pro Pans are single pans of their Eyeshadows. If you're someone who wants to be able to carry tons of Sugarpill around, the palette will be perfect for you! Previously, their Pro Palette was only available in limited quantities at trade shows but they're launching it so everyone can get their hands on it.

sugarpill pro palette

The pricing information is as follows:

The Pro Pans are $10 each, except for the foiled shade Money Maker, which will be $13. 
The Empty Pro Palette is $20.
If you buy 6 Pro Pans, the Pro Palette is $10.
If you buy 12 Pro Pans, the Pro Palette is free!

The most bang for your buck will be if you purchase 12 Pro Pans to get the free palette. The total for that comes to $120. Buying the Pro Pans save you $3 and lets you put them in any magnetic palette. If you already have your own magnetic palette, no need to get the Sugarpill Pro Palette. You can also mix and match however many shades you like. If you think you'll run through more of Heart Shaped Cookie or Tako, you can purchase multiples!

Also keep in mind that they are discontinuing the Cold Chemistry and Sparkle Baby Palettes, however you will still be able to purchase the eyeshadows as singles.

Shipping is $6 or free for purchases over $100 if you're in the US and scaled shipping prices if you're purchasing from overseas.

I personally don't need the Pro Palette but I do want to get Money Maker and Heart Shaped Cookie (the most neutral that I've ever seen Sugarpill get!).

Do you plan on getting anything from Sugarpill?

Review: Smith Cosmetics 212 Tightliner Brush and 230 Quill Crease Brush Small

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Hey everyone! 

Today I have a review of two Smith Cosmetics brushes, the 212 Tightliner Brush (the flat eyeliner-looking brush) and the 230 Quill Crease Brush Small (the white fluffy looking brush). I think everyone in the beauty community on Instagram has heard so much good things about Smith Cosmetics brushes.

I had the opportunity to see Smith Cosmetics in person at PHAMExpo and I was stoked to be able to buy them in person. I originally only got the 230 Quill Crease Brush but then got talked into the 212 Tightliner Brush.

So the question is, are these brushes worth the brand hype? Check out my review of them below!

June 2016 Beauty Favorites

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Hey everyone! 

Today I'll be talking about my June 2016 Beauty Favorites, items that I enjoyed using heavily during the month of June. I have
a mix of face, eye, lip, and body products that I used throughout the month. Some of these items I have reviewed so I'll link to the reviews and just provide an overview.

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Prep Your Skin for Summer with derma e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask

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Hey everyone! Today I have a review of my current favorite face mask. As the season is shifting towards the Summer months, the weather is commensurately getting warmer and warmer. To help balance my skin out without stripping it of oil, I've been using the derma e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask for a few weeks and I wanted to share my thoughts on the mask.

derma e purifying charcoal mask review

Click thru to read my full review!