Monday, May 25, 2015

NARS Audacious Lipsticks in Anita and Anna: Swatch, Review, and Photos

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When I went to The Makeup Show, I already had it in my mind to get ahold of some NARS Audacious Lipsticks. Considering the hype surrounding the formula, I needed to get the lipstick for "research purposes". I purchased the shade Anita and received the shade Anna courtesy of The Makeup Show.

Click thru to read my thoughts on the formula and see my swatches of the lipsticks! Are they worth the price tag?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Makeup Wishlist Item of the Week Vol. 4: Canmake Cream Cheek

This week's Makeup Wishlist Item of the Week is from the Japanese brand Canmake. Their Cream Cheek is an extremely popular blush. The name "Cream Cheek" is somewhat misleading since these are actually a gel/cream to powder blush. Unlike most cream blushes, these get great reviews for being fairly long-lasting on even oilylish skin types. These blushes also have great pigmentation but blend out quite sheerly on the skin.
canmake cream cheek
Canmake Cream Cheek (affiliate link)

What's your current makeup wishlist item?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Darling Girl Santy's Sneaky Sleigh Liquid Stardust - Swatch and Review

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I'm very excited to post this review on Darling Girl's Liquid Stardusts. I purchased this during their Black Friday sale after waiting patiently for it to go on sale. The Liquid Stardusts are Darling Girl's take on the LORAC Liquid Lustres. In essence, these are glitter topcoats that you apply over your cream or powder eyeshadows.

I purchased the shade Santy's Sneaky Sleigh, a milky white base with a pink duo chrome glitter suspended in a slightly pink tinted liquid. You may also notice a slight green duo chrome but it's not apparent when you're wearing it. Since the liquid is only mildly tinted, it shouldn't really change the eyeshadow you're wearing with it. However I did notice that over time, the pink tinge went away in the liquid.

Just an FYI: I have the previous packaging for the Liquid Stardusts, they have new packaging.
darling girl santys sneaky sleigh liquid stardust (1 of 2)

Where to Purchase: Darling Girl Cosmetics
Price: $7.50 for 4mL of product
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals.

Click thru to read the rest of my review and see swatches!

Friday, May 15, 2015

The $1.50 Item that Will Change How You Use Sheet Masks

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My name is Mai and I am a self-profressed sheet mask-aholic. The one-time use cotton masks are a nice treat and great for when I need to take a bit of me time. They're fabulous but not always the easiest to handle (since you have to deal with keeping a serum soaked mask on your face without it peeling off). 

Enter this nifty silicone shield that I got from Daiso. Granted, it looks like it's something that would fit right in with a horror film but it's truly ingenious. You put your sheet mask on as usual then add this silicone mask cover on top. 
This way your sheet mask will stay put on your face and you can walk around without worrying that it'll slip. It's made out of flexible silicone so it'll probably fit around most of your facial contours. If you're worried about it not fitting, you can trim the mask if need be. 
daiso silicone mask (1 of 1)

When it comes to fit, I do find that it doesn't cover all of my face but it fits well enough to make sure my sheet mask doesn't slip. You can get it at Daiso stores for $1.50 but if you don't have a Daiso store nearby, Amazon also sells it (albeit at a price hike).

Do you like using sheet masks or are you a fan of other types of masks?
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