Glossier Skywash Matte Eyeshadow: Swatches and Review

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Obviously it's been a long time since I've updated the blog. Life, being a parent, etc takes up a lot of time but I realized that I set myself up for failure by feeling like I have to post consistently vs. posting when I want to. So here I am to say I haven't abandoned the blog, but will just post when inspiration strikes. I have a backlog of half finished posts (including a bunch of Glossier reviews) so I hope my inspiration stays for a while.

For today I have a review and swatches of four Glossier Skywash Matte Eyeshadows. These are liquid-to-powder eyeshadows for a sheer matte finish on the eyes.
I'll admit that I was enticed by these eyeshadows because I really wanted something similar to the Wet n Wild matte liquid eyeshadows. 

I picked up four of the seven, Echo, Palm, Terra, and Valley. The other three colors included a Lawn (grass-lime green), Pool (pale blue), and Pebble (taupe). I knew I wasn't going to wear the green or blue so I immediately passed on them and the taupe seemed a bit too light. These colors were inspired by the Southwestern landscapes and I totally see the inspiration.
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These retail for $18.00 for 3.5 ml/0.11 oz at Glossier.

Skywash comes in a white matte finish tube with color coordinating caps and a doefoot applicator. The tolerance for the openings is rather small so it's a tight fit to get the applicator in/out. As a result, the neck of the tube get messy quickly with product.

From left to right: Echo, Palm, Terra, and Valley.


Glossier says:
A soft wash of matte color for eyes. A Liquid-to-powder eyeshadow that gives a diffused, soft effect. Powder-finish formula (that doesn’t feel powdery) smooths on with a doe foot applicator. Silky, blendable color melts into skin, creating a pretty, diffused effect that lasts. A little bit adds some depth to the eye area; add more for a refined, modern wash of color

So you can get that soft matte wash of color but application is so finicky and requires a lot of care. Trying to swiping to blend the product out won't work, it just lifts product and goes patchy. For the best look, dab as little product as possible and use your finger to gently tap to blend and stop once it's where you want it and let it dry. Tapping/blending until it's completely dry leads to patchiness and product lifting. You can try to add another layer but I find it it causes lifting/splotchiness.

The longevity is pretty good, even on my notoriously oily hooded eyelids. These still do better with a primer but in a pinch, you could do without. I get about 6 hours before creasing without a primer, about 8-9 hours with a primer which is pretty standard for me, though less than the 12 hours they claim.

Here are the swatches. From left to right: Echo, Palm, Terra, and Valley. These were swiped on and let air dry. Again, don't be fooled by the swatches, they look way better on my arm than applied on the eyes. Looks are unfortunately deceiving and don't work to show how much effort it takes.

Echo: This is a dark chocolate brown but was the trickiest and most prone to looking patchy.

Palm: This is a golden beige, thought probably the least obvious on me, it blends into my skin but it's easier to apply and look more even compared to the rest

Terra: This is a burnt sienna orange and packs a real punch. It's okay in terms of application.

Valley: This is a deeper warm peach, also not a lot of contrast but it also applies more even than the darker colors. 

I know my swatches make them look good, but honestly I think the formula is more trouble than it's worth for the effect you get. I also feel like these seemed to dry out quite quickly on me? Like it was only a few months before I started noticing that I was having to really swirl around to get product and dried product gathered quickly around the inside of the stopper. I think you can get a similar look with less effort using a matte powder eyeshadow or a matte cream eyeshadow.

Ìf you're still interested, these are $18.00 for 3.5 ml/0.11 oz at Glossier.

Are you into the matte shadow look or shimmers?

Disclosure: I purchased these eyeshadows myself using referral credit. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review. An affiliate link is included in this post which provides me with commission based off your use of the link when making a purchase.

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