Haus of Gloi Scents Review

I purchased 3 samples of scrubs from Haus of Gloi based off of a review I read on Gothique

Background- They are a body products company that happens to be vegan, I'm not particularly concerned with products being vegan but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It is owned by Britton and Max.

Scrub Samples that I purchased- Satyr, Lavender Sugar, and Madcap Garden

Soap Samples I received- Moon Dog, Satyr, and Glogg

I had originally asked for a sample of Elevenses soap, but Britton contacted me by mail telling me that they didn't have any fully cured soap samples so instead she included 3 other ones. I really appreciated that, most people would just give other samples without saying anything but I liked that she contacted me to tell me that.

My opinion on the scents-

Scrubs- 5/5
Satyr- Very much orange, although a lot sweeter and not as citrus-y. It smelled very nice, accurate to the description and also my favorite out of the three.
Lavender sugar-I think this smells like straight up lavender, I didn't really detect any sort of sugaryness.
Madcap Garden- I ordered this one because Elevenses sample scrub was out of stock (I was very smart, it was relisted the next day, so much for patience :P) This does smell like tea and peppermint, tea first and then a hit of peppermint in the background. Very accurate to the scent description too.

Moon Dog-I think it does smell a bit coconutty, this scent was one of the most difficult to describe, however it's not my cup of tea because I'm not fond of the scent of coconut. I think those who do will like this though!
Satyr-It generally smelled the same as the scrub, but I thought the orange in it was a bit more subdued in the soap.
Glogg-This is the holiday special soap, I thought this kind of smelled a bit cherry and cinnamon-y, not my cup of tea because I don't like fruit but, I've heard lots of other people liking it

Packaging- 5/5

I really like the mini pots, they seem extremely sturdy and I've heard that the labels are waterproof. The box also included a note thanking me to the order. I love the personal touch with this company :)

Opinion- 5/5
I like them, they aren't so scrubby that it hurts my skin or feels excessively coarse, the sugar melts as I keep scrubbing but not too quickly. I didn't like all the scents, but I do like the variety, plus scents are subjective anyways so I don't fault the company for this!

Cost- 5/5
The samples were 2 dollars each and I'm always fond of samples for body products :)

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