Lush Sugar Scrub Review

I bought the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes kit from Lush, so I've decided to review some of the products in the kit. Tonight I'm reviewing the Sugar Scrub.

Description- It's basically a half sphere of sugar and it's meant to be a body scrub. I got a mini version of it in the kit, so it's about half the size of the original.

My thoughts-Honestly, you can't use it whole. It is too harsh for you to just wet your body and rub it on yourself. I found the best way to use it was to crumble/break it up and then rub the sugar over me. Nonetheless, it seemed too messy and prone to be dropped on the shower floor.

Cost- 1/5
Effectiveness- 5/5
Packaging- subjective as it has none

The smell was nice
Packaging free, it's just a giant hunk of sugar

A bit messy and melty, you definitely cannot keep this in the stream of the water, the main ingredient is sugar and that'll just melt off
Too effective as it hurt when I was using it. First try was good, after that was worse.

Cost- The size of the product was about half size so it'd be about 2.47 dollars. To me, not worth it because it was harsh and I believe Lush intends for this to be a one-off item.

Not worth it personally, I'd much rather have a more moisturizing scrub like my Haus of Gloi sugar cremes.

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