Tips to stop biting your nails!

Nail biting is an addicting habit, and it was one that I picked up from my uncle years and years ago. As I started getting into nail polish, make up and such, I decided to try to stop biting my nails. It has been several months and I've mostly succeeded, so I thought I'd give some tips!

1. Try the no-bite stuff. Personally, this never worked for me but I've heard of people having success with it.

2. Glue on fake nails. This worked the best for me because it helped take off the edge of my habit for the first 3 weeks or so. It definitely made biting them a lot more difficult/painful, so it got me used to not biting my nails.

3. Figure out why you're biting your nails. I say this because lots of people bite their nails because they're bored or nervous or stressed, so figuring out why you do it makes it easier for you to find something else to do. Whenever I got nervous or bored, I'd find something else to distract me versus biting my nails.

4. Paint your nails. I got into the habit of painting my nails and putting in effort to keep them looking nice while they were growing out. Personally, I hate seeing chipped nail polish on myself and others, so I would try to avoid it. If they did chip, I'd try to change the polish so I'd keep my mouth away from it.

Good luck with your efforts! I'll put in an after picture of my nails, and while they're still not perfect, (my smile lines are really high from biting) it's nice to see the fruit of my labor.

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