Lush Angels on Bare Skin

I am fairly newish to Lush in the sense of actually purchasing their products versus lurking the company and the various communities. I've been scoping for maybe a year or two now? I am reviewing one of their popular cleansers, Angels on Bare Skin. I used this for about 6 weeks.

Description: It's a ground almond and kaolin clay cleanser. It has rose and lavender to help out with the skin. It's kind of a quirky cleanser in that it's a paste that you mix with water and use.

My Skin Type- Normal-Oily Acne Prone skin

My Thoughts: It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. I noticed that my skin felt "unclean" after I washed it with the cleanser, like there was a residue on it. Originally I thought it was just my skin being really moisturized from the cleanser, but I've read of others talking about the residue. It didn't help my acne and hurt it in the sense that the acne I currently had wasn't getting cured.

I had issues with using the cleanser because you're supposed to mix it with water. It took me a while to get used to it and in the beginning I wasted some.

Is it just me or is their packaging free label to this kind of bullshit? I got this cleanser in a black pot in the kit and is usually sold in clear plastic tubs. How is this packaging free?


If you're a fan of natural-esque cleansers, then this could be for you.
Perhaps if you didn't have acne then it might be good for you.

It didn't work for me. Some might say that one can get rid of the residue with a toner, but why should I use another product when one should be sufficient?
Messy as all hell. I wasted a bit in the beginning trying to get used to it.
Packaging free my ass.

Cost-The size of the product was about 2/3rds of the normal size which equates to about 6.09 dollars. This cleanser lasted for 6 weeks which for the cost, I don't think is worth it.

I went back to my Clean and Clear Daily Pore Cleanser, and my acne got better.

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