Haken Cuticle Oil vs CND Solar Oil

I've been obsessed with taking care of my nails over the last several months and one of the first things I picked up was Haken Cuticle Oil in Mango from Sally's Beauty Supply. I didn't originally get Solar oil because I had heard Haken's was just as good.

It's not, not by a long shot.

CND's Solar oil kicks Haken's ass in terms of awesomeness. When I used Haken, I started noticing that my cuticles felt really dry, even though they were saturated with oil. They felt dehydrated despite the amount of oil I put on.

With Solar oil, I put two drops on my middle and index fingers and spread that out to all my nails and it is more than enough.

Oddly enough, Solar oil just felt more oily, Haken didn't seem all that saturated of an oil.

Haken does one up Solar oil in the many scents that it has, melon, mango, etc. I've heard Solar oil's scent described as passionfruit juice, but having never smelled a passionfruit, I can't attest to this.

Price-wise: Haken does win out, 4.99 for a 1/2 oz bottle at Sally's, a bit cheaper if you have the card I believe. Solar oil is maybe 6.99? I will say this though, if you have any sort of beauty supply store for nail techs in a nearby neighborhood (Little Saigon has plenty of them for me) then you'll definitely find them cheaper there!

So spring for the good stuff and get Solar oil!

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