Rant:Lush Yummy Yummy Yummy shower cream

So I've had a chance to try out the Yummy x 3 shower cream/wash and I am so disappointed.

8.95 for 3.3 ounces is meh. Considering what I have to say about it, it's not worth it in the leastest.

My biggest issue with it is the texture and the smell, which what a shower cream/wash should be excelling in and it absolutely sucks. What it basically is is opaque water. It is not thick at all, it is basically straight up water. I've heard that it is better if you shake it up but that didn't help, it still was watery.

The smell. I honestly don't get it, for something so natural, it's got the most artificial smell ever. It doesn't smell yummy or strawberryish or anything of that nature. What's worse is the fact that it was so watery made me need to use more just to get decent lather and that filled up my shower with a suffocating aroma.

I'm definitely returning this. As far as I know, you can return used products so I will and will stock up on a fresh face mask instead.

Cost: 3/5
Texture: -1/5

I would not recommend it at all.

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