Too Faced Natural at Night Eye Shadow Collection Swatches and Review

A little while ago I won a giftcard from A Brilliant Brunette's Too Faced Giveaway. I haven't really tried out many of Too Faced's eyeshadows before so I did want to try out one of their eyeshadow palette and went with the Natural at Night Eyeshadow Collection.

The palette comes with three look cards and a sample packet of Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
Too Faced Natural at Night Eyeshadow Collection

The large eyeshadows have 2 grams of product and the smaller pans have 0.9 grams of product. There's a total of 11.4 grams for $36.00.

You can purchase this at TooFaced, Sephora*, and Ulta*.


Swatches-ho! These were swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and taken under an Ottlite.

Full Moon, Night Cap, and Cocoa Star
Too Faced Natural at Night Eyeshadow Collection

Full Moon: I'm not sure if you can tell but this has lots of glitter in it so you have to be wary about how you apply this to make sure you don't get fallout all over your cheeks.

Night Cap: It does look mostly matte in the swatch but there is a gold sparkle to it.

Cocoa Star: This applied a little more cool toned on me than in the pan but it worked out quite fine.

Night Light, After Hours, and Eclipse (interestingly enough, the e in Eclipse is upside down)

Too Faced Natural at Night Eyeshadow Collection

Night Light: This eyeshadow was my disappointment in the palette. My problem with it is that it's sheer but also glittery and flaky. The amount of fallout you get is horrendous. The texture is different, brushing over it with my brush didn't get any payoff. I had to gouge at it with the brush to flake off the shadow to apply it.

It's disappointing because it's one of the larger shades that's included in the palette and makes the palette less of a good value because of how badly it performs. I did a look with it and by the time I went to photograph it a few minutes later, I had massive amounts of glitter fallout on my cheeks. Use a sticky base or a glitter adhesive or else you'll be looking like a disco ball.

After Hours: This was one of my favorite shades in the palette. It's a rosy pearl with superior texture. I wish they included more of this color!

Eclipse: It applied less burgundy on me but it had especially fab texture, just like After Hours.

Here's a closeup of Night Light

Spotlight, Moon Stone, and Night Fever. This row had my favorite colors in the collection.

Too Faced Natural at Night Eyeshadow Collection

Spotlight: I'm so glad they included this shade in the palette because it's the perfect browbone shade.

Moon Stone: This was my second favorite color in the palette. It's such a pretty olivey green color with such a smooth texture.

Night Fever: I liked the color but the texture was a little dry.

I do think this palette is a little clunky because it's thick.

Too Faced Natural at Night Eyeshadow Collection

Too Faced Natural at Night Eyeshadow Collection

For me, the palette was hit and miss. The smaller pans of eyeshadow were so much better than two of the large pans but I wish they were larger. I am disappointed that Full Moon and After Light are so glittery and flaky (After Light more so than Full Moon). The two colors make up a good portion of the palette but they are a little hard to work with because of the fallout. I'm especially glad that they had matte colors included, especially the matte skintone shade that would be perfect as a browbone highlight. I think some palette manufacturers often forget to include a browbone color and that prevents it from being a good "all in one" palette.

Would I recommend it? Hmm maybe. I'd definitely say that it's a good way to try out some of Too Faced eyeshadows, especially since the singles are $15.10 for 2.5 grams and the duos are $15.30 for 2.5 grams and for $36.00, you get 11.4 grams in the palette.

Do you own or like Too Faced Eyeshadows?

Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself using a gift card I won in a contest. The links marked with an * are affiliate links and your use of the links give a commission that helps support this blog! All opinions are my own.


  1. At first glance it looks so awesome but unfortunately those two glitterbombs of shadow sort of detract from the appeal. This would be the perfect sort of neutral, smokey eye palette for those who prefer some deeper tones!

    Also, not that it matters at all haha, but I don't think the e in Eclipse is upside down... all the 'e's on the palette look like a solid o with a - through them, and I just think the printing of that e was a bit shabby and the top left part didn't adhere/wore away...

  2. I like Spotlight and Moonstone.

  3. I have the Sweet Dreams and Naked Eyes palettes. I find Too Faced shadows to be hit or miss. Some of them can be really sheer, and their glitter bomb shades are disappointing as well. I'll definitely be passing on this one.

  4. this is gorgeous! i just got my first too faced palette a few weeks ago and im loving it!


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