Darling Girl Cosmetics: Blogger Glosses Swatches and Thoughts!

I'm so excited to show off these lipglosses, I don't think I can put it in words. A little while ago, I was lamenting on Twitter about how I could never find any personalized keychains, mugs, and other souvenirs available to tourists with my name on it. I also lamented that Zoya and Julep haven't gotten around to adding my name to their list of polishes.

Enter Susan from Darling Girl Cosmetics. She offered to make it a custom color and now Mai is finally available! I'm seriously so excited to have a namesake gloss, it soothes my uniquely named soul. Hopefully you can see that choosing to have the gloss named after me isn't totally an egotistical decision

Here's a collage of all the Blogger glosses! I wrote a blurb on each gloss but for the tl;dr crowd, I loved them all.

I did want to give some insight as to why I chose the color. In Vietnam, Mai is the name of a yellow flower that is used to decorate houses during the Vietnamese New Year, Tết, and red and gold are two colors that are prominently used throughout Tết. That got me thinking that it'd be awesome to have a red polish with gold or yellow flakies, incorporating red and the gold/yellow from the holiday but also the namesake flower.

I feel honored to have the gloss of my namesake dream invented and available for sale. I love all the other Blogger glosses too so I hope you guys partake in the gorgeous colors


Darling Girl Judikins


Judikins: "Sheer plum with multi-colored holo-shimmer" Judixo's gloss. I LOVED this. The purple, gold, and green sparkles in the gloss just made me think of Mardi Gras and a king cake so the positive food associations make me love it more.


Darling Girl Cosmetics Mai Holo Gloss


Mai: "Cherry red with golden green flakie". I know, the arm swatch makes it look quite orange in the picture but that's because of the gold flakies interacting with the red base. Looking straight on, it looks red like in the lip swatch picture. I was so inspired by Holly Jolly Holo Gloss so if you're wondering, Holly Jolly is much more cool toned/blue based than Mai.

Makeup Junkie:

Darling Girl Makeup Junkie Holo Gloss


Makeup Junkie: "Milky lilac pink with pink and lavender holo-shimmer" MakeupJunkie88's gloss. This was a little more difficult for me to wear since it is very milky but I think it would look fantastic over other lip products. The pink and lavender shimmer is subtle but very pretty.


Darling Girl Cosmetics McSwatchy Holo Gloss


McSwatchy: "Soft golden berry with loads of gold and pink holo-sparkle" I super duper loved this (and not just because I adore Swatch Storm) This was like the pinky/coral counterpart to Judikins and the pink holo-sparkle is just so flattering.


Darling Girl Cosmetics Rach Holo Gloss

Rach: "Vibrant magenta with a strong blue shift" The Beauty Spot's gloss. You can get surprisingly good coverage with the gloss. I've been having a soft spot for purple lip products and the mix of blue shift and magenta base can make it look quite purple in some lights.

Rock, Roll, Glam!:

Darling Girl Cosmetics Rock, Roll, Glam!


Rock, Roll, Glam!: "Bold red orange with just a delicate touch of gold pearl" Rock, Roll, Glam!'s gloss. Ohhh boy, I couldn't help but fall in love with this one. You can see the slightest hint of gold pearl in the arm swatch but it is quite subtle in the lip swatch. Of the six, this was the most opaque.

Be sure to check out Judi's, Cait's, and Ivy's swatches of their glosses!

Do any of the glosses strike your fancy?

Disclaimer: I purchased Mai Gloss myself and the rest I received as samples for consideration. None of the links are affiliate link and all opinions are my own. I wasn't paid to write this post.


  1. They're all beautiful but Mai is definately my favourite! :D

  2. I get you on having difficulty finding personalized items with either my name or nickname (Ira).

    I plan on getting your gloss and Rock, Roll, Glam!'s. Thanks for the swatches and the showcasing what they look like on lips. I was a bit intimidated by RRG's but it looks like it'll work with my skintone as it isn't too orange. :)

  3. Mai looks wonderful on you~

    really like McSwatchy and Rach, if I were to choose a few for myself :3
    the former reminds me of UD's Asphyxia in lip gloss form

  4. OOooh, I love them all! Mai and Rach are my favourite. (Also, smug Robyn is smug because she has a Zoya polish. I can never find my name in stores in the UK either :( )

  5. I'm so happy for you that you got the chance design something so amazing such as an actual make-up product and you made a wise decision, I love the look of your lipgloss and it's actually my fave out of all the ones you swatched

  6. Mcswatchy definitely grabs my attention

  7. I adore you, too! Can't wait to give all of these a swatch; they look stunning!

  8. They are all super nice. I like Rach's a lot, it's like the lip gloss version of "Obviously A Wig" eyeshadow!

  9. Judikins looks SO good on you!! I really love the gloss and am happy with how it turned out.

  10. Loving Mai and Rock, Roll, Glam!

  11. Oh wow these are all gorgeous. I love Judikins and yours of course and I really love Makeup Junkie. Dang that milky lavender is gorgeous.

  12. I love these swatches! :) Susan did a great job with the sparkle in your gloss.


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