Essie Good as Gold + China Glaze Millennium Gradient Nails

When I got Essie's Good as Gold in the mail yesterday (thanks to Klout Perks!), I knew I had to do a manicure with it. Three years ago, China Glaze came out with their Khrome collection with mirror like metallics. I adored them from afar, only picking up Millenium, the silver chrome, but not 2030 which was the gold chrome. From then on, I've searched for a similar mirror like chrome and I've come close with the Essie Mirror Metallics collection.

Good as Gold is a neutral gold metallic polish, not as warm as molten golds. It isn't particularly flecky but positively chrome like and like most metallics, unflattering on ridgey and bumpy nails. It isn't quite like the China Glaze Khrome collection since you can see some brushstrokes but it's close enough. I put Good as Gold on by itself but felt like it was missing something so I picked up China Glaze Millenium and sponged it on for my first ever gradient. Not too good on my short nails but I don't think it looks half bad on my middle and ring finger. I followed the gradient technique from The Nailasaurus but I still need some practice.


Are you a fan of metallic nail polishes or are you not fond of how unforgiving it can be? How about the gradient nails?


  1. I love what you have done! It looks good and I quite like 'Good as Gold'. I've been half and half with metallic polishes - being tan I feel like they don't compliment my skin tone that nicely (I feel!) but I can't resist a metallic gold which is probably the only metallic color I can wear confidently!

  2. I love the essie mirror metallics. I have the blue and copper colored ones. I'm eyeing the lilac one too! I would have picked up the gold and silver ones but I already have similar colors in my collection.


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