Silk Naturals Lip Products: Swatches and Review

I've done a few posts now featuring Silk Naturals eyeshadows but their lip products were a new foray for me. I had heard great things from Cait at Swatch Storm (click to see her links to swatches of their lip products) so I had to try them out myself. I bought these a few months ago and finally found the time to write my thoughts on them.

Silk Naturals Provoke, Joy, and Maiden Lip Products/

I purchased three of their lip products in three of their formulas. I got an Amplifying Lip Glaze in Provoke, a Kissable Cream in Joy, and a Kisser Slicker in Maiden. I decided to swatch and review all three formulas in one post (as opposed to subjecting you to three posts)
Packaging: A slim line twist up tube containing .07 ounces. I do like the slim tube because the shape fits my lips much better than larger round lip balms or oval balm tubes.

Where to purchase: Silk Naturals

Do they test on animals? They do not test on animals.

Gluten Free?: The brand actually makes note of which products have gluten or not for those of you who may be sensitive to it. All three products are gluten-free. 

I'll talk about the price and my thoughts on the formula for each product. 
Silk Naturals Provoke, Joy, and Maiden Lip Products

Silk Naturals Provoke, Joy, and Maiden Lip Products

Silk Naturals Provoke, Joy, and Maiden Lip Products
All pictures taken in natural daylight.
provoke title
Silk Naturals Amplified Lip Glaze in Provoke

Provoke: "A deeper plum tone-much like Seedy or Berry Nice but with a little bit of lightness and coverage from a smidge of titanium dioxide. It has a cream finish with no sparkle." I was hoping to get more coverage from this but it is fairly translucent.

Product Description: "Amplifying lip glazes pack the shine of a liquid gloss into a nice slimline tube. Made with over 85% organic ingredients with a slight minty tingle and a special anti-aging lip plumping ingredient that moisturizes deeply and gradually adds volume to your lips."

Price: $4.50

My Thoughts on the Formula/Wear Time:

Glaze is a really apt name for the product because you get a translucent shine to your lips. The tingle is very very gentle, it creeps up on you and didn't feel uncomfortable to me. I got about 

The only thing is that Provoke is a little speckly; you can see a few ingredient grains in the swatch. I did try to search for other swatches of Provoke and the speckles show up there too so it's not just with my tube. It isn't readily obvious unless you have a close up picture like I have but they are still there. I got great wear time out of this, about five hours. By the way, the website swatch is a little off, it makes it look like Provoke is a fuchsia when it's much more plum.
joy title

Silk Naturals Kissable Cream in Joy

Joy: "A gorgeous creamy mid-tone coral. It is a bit lighter and more opaque (although still on the sheerish side) than Flaunt, and deeper than Twirl."

Product Description: The Kissable Creams are a new formula from Spring and there's no product description listed yet. You can read Cait's thoughts on the formula to get better insight. This is 95% organic.

Price: $4.99

My Thoughts on the Formula/Wear Time:

Formula-wise, I don't like it. It is described as having moderate coverage and though you can get good coverage, it's  while it is very creamy with a lot of slip and milky so  it looks uneven on my lips. I think with my warm skin tone, the color doesn't look super flattering on my skin. I got about three hours of wear.
maiden title
Silk Naturals Kisser Slicker in Maiden

Product Description: "Quite possibly the most moisturizing lip gloss you'll ever use. Packed with yummy organic oils, sweet beeswax, and a pleasant vanilla scent- you'll love the way they look and feel. Our hand made base contains over 85% organic ingredients!"

Price: $4.50

My Thoughts on the Formula/Wear Time:

Of the three lip products, this was my favorite formula. It's the most like a traditional lipstick but has enough slick to it to slide smoothly across your lips. It felt really comfortable on my lips. Of all the lip products, this formula has the most color variety so I think this may be one of Silk Naturals' most popular lip product formulas. The color itself is most definitely a "my lips but better" pink with a hint of a nude. I've gotten about three to four hours of wear from it. This is the clone of MAC Bare Slimshine but since I don't own Bare, I can't attest to the similarity.

Final Thoughts:

I think I would have liked Provoke more if it wasn't so speckly, it is just a little annoying when you wear it. I do know now though that I like the Kisser Slicker formula and guessing by the number of colors in that formula, it's pretty dang popular. I'm skipping the Kissable Cream formula, judging from the pictures I think the other colors might be too milky for my tastes.

They do have a few other lip product formulas that I haven't tried yet so I might check them out to see if I like them more than the Amplified Lip Glaze and the Kissable Cream formula.

Have you tried Silk Natural's lip products? Which ones have you tried and what are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I purchased these lip products myself. All opinions are my own and I wasn't compensated for the review and none of the links in the post are affiliate links.


By the time this posts I should be done with my midterm for the week. I am happy to say that I'm going to a Halloween/Avengers Watch Party tonight and to Disneyland tomorrow (haven't been in years!) What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I think all of the colors look really pretty on you, but the last one is the one I would reach for most (:

  2. I really like's perky and bright =)Looks nice on you :)

    1. haha I think Joy might be growing on me if you all think it looks nice!

  3. Generally I LOVE Silk Naturals for lip products. I really like the Kisser Slicker formula. Thanks for reminding me to place an order :D

  4. Joy's my favourite, looks like the perfect nude for you :D


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