New Sugarpill Offerings: @#$%!, Chromalust Trios, and Pillkitty Keychain!

Lots of stuff coming out from Sugarpill today to talk about!

First off, a few months ago Sugarpill came out with a Limited Edition eyeshadow at IMATS which they then had available as a Gift with Purchase of a Heartbreaker Palette when you purchased from Beautylish's Boutiques. I know many people were wanting to purchase it separately and weren't able to but now you finally can.

Head on over to Sugarpill Cosmetics (affiliate link) to get your hands on the lovely (but impossibly named?) eyeshadow but act quick because it's only available for 3 days, October 19th-21st! Feel free to check out my swatch and comparison of @#$%! with Love+ here for reference! I know it might be difficult for some to justify owning both so definitely take the swatches into consideration. I think even if you own Love+, @#$%! is worth picking up since it isn't as close to Love+ as you might think at first glance. @#$%! is $12.00 oh and it is not vegan.

@#$%! banner


Next up, the Chromalust trios are here. I mentioned seeing them a year ago at the Beautylish Beauty Social, and they were available online on Beautylish's site and now you can get them on Sugarpill's site. There are four different trios available. 

The Atomic trio contains Lumi, Decora, and Royal Sugar, The Frostbitten trio contains Birthday Girl, Tiara, and Darling. The Reckless trio contains Absinthe, Starling, and Stella. Lastly, the Zillionaire trio contains Goldilux, Junebug, and Hysteric. 

The trios are $30.00 each, valued at $36.00

chromalust trios

Lastly, there's a new accessory out for the hardcore Sugarpill fans in the form of an adorable Pillkitty keychain! This costs $6.00 and looks super cute.

pillkitty keychain
Get to Sugarpill quick to snatch everything up!

As a warning, expect it to take a little while longer for you to get your package. I'm sure there's tons of people trying to get ahold of @#$%! and the Chromalust trios.

Disclaimer: The affiliate links are noted and there are also affiliate links in the picture. I'm affiliated with Sugarpill Cosmetics since I have an affiliate account with them though I wouldn't be supporting them if I didn't like the brand. My thoughts and opinions are my own. The affiliate links give me a commission based off your use of the link. If you don't feel comfortable using the affiliate link, feel free to use this nonaffiliate link. (Sugarpill Cosmetics)


  1. Thank you for the heads up!

    1. You're welcome, I know tons of people wanted to get their hands on @#$%! so I hope they're able to!

  2. I have Love+, so I'm not sure if I'll get the shadow since they look kind of similar. But I do need the keychain & the trios!

    1. If you check out the swatches, it make me easier to see the differences between the two!


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