Darling Girl Cute de Grace Collection

Darling Girl Cosmetics has come out with an "End of the World" themed eyeshadow collection sold only in a set and exclusive to their new Storenvy site. This is a pre-order, meaning that orders will not ship out until January 7th. For $20.00, you get seven petit jars (1/4 tsp of eyeshadow in each jar). One collection per person please as there is a limited number of sets available.

Preorder here!

Darling Girl Cosmetics cute de grace eyeshadows

The names of the eyeshadows from top left and going counterclockwise are: Hope & Renewal, Rapture, Winter Solstice, Prophecy, The Countdown, Kaboom, and The End

and swatches of the eyeshadows. The swatches on the left correspond to the ones on the right, they're just in different lighting so you can see how they morph.

cute de grace new eyeshadows

From top to bottom:

Hope & Renewal - Peachy pink with a kind of pinky/red flash that shifts to more of a peachy gold.

Rapture - Lilac with gold pink flash that morphs into a golden flash.

Winter Solstice - Berry mauve with blue flash that transitions into more of a red violet and in some lighting almost a coppery red.

Prophecy - Shiny copper pearl that morphs into a bronze with green sheen.

The Countdown - In the jar this looks like a pinky red copper but move it closer to a light source and it morphs into a patina'd bronze.

Kaboom - Blackened red/violet that morphs into a deep blackened bronze with green sheen.

The End - Deep black base shifting from a blue violet, purple to golden flash.


Are you thinking about picking up the set?


  1. Wow, I love how these shades morph! They're all pretty but I think that Winter Solstice and Kaboom are must-haves for me. :)


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