Dupe Alert for Sugarpill @#$%! Eyeshadow

I'm usually hesitant to provide dupes for indie eyeshadows because for some reason I feel like it goes against indie solidarity. I especially look down on dupes that have been advertised as intentional dupes of a fellow indie product (which this isn't by the way). For example, as much as I'd love a Lynnderella polish, I'm not really willing to purchase one of the numerous indie nail polish dupes out there. 

I'm making an exception for this because @#$%! is a Limited Edition shade and not something that everyone can get their hands on readily at this time by itself. Phyrra reminded me that you can get it on Beautylish as a set with the Heartbreaker palette but since you can't get it by itself, it is a limiting for someone who may also already own the Heartbreaker palette (like I do). The dupe I found is close, not 100% spot-on but enough to maybe tide you over

I swatched both dry over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the pictures were taken in natural daylight.

One of these eyeshadows is @#$%! by Sugarpill and the other is Red Ryder by Darling Girl Cosmetics. Can you tell the difference? Which do you think is which?

Dupe alert for @#$%!

Red Ryder is on the left and @#$%! is on the right. The differences are quite subtle but Red Ryder has more silver sparkles, is a little lighter, less bright and berry than @#$%!, and a loose eyeshadow versus pressed. If you crave @#$%! and want to find something close that is readily available, then you may like Red Ryder. You just have to wait the turn around time. I love both equally by the way, I mean you guys know how much of a fan I am of both companies!

You can get Red Ryder at Darling Girl Cosmetics (starting January 7th when they reopen) which is part of the A Darling Girl Christmas Story collection and unfortunately @#$%! is a Limited Edition shade and currently only available when you purchase it with the Heartbreaker Palette on Beautylish. Red Ryder is $2.50 for 1/4 tsp and $5.90 for 3/4 tsp. @#$%! previously was available for $12.00 for four grams but you can get it with the Heartbreaker Palette on Beautylish, both for only $34.00 until supplies last.

What do you think? Is Red Ryder enough to tamp down your desire for @#$%! or temporarily wane it?


  1. I've seen the Sugarpill shade for sale recently on Beautylish if that helps.

    1. Oh duh, I had forgotten about it, thanks for reminding me! The only thing is that it's not available by itself, it's a gift with purchase eyeshadow if you get the Heartbreaker palette and so it might be limiting for some people

  2. I shared this link on my makeup page, I hope that's okay. I love that you found a dupe! I bought it when they sold it on their site but it's really nice to know there's an alternative!


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