Giveaway: Win a Set of Lilly Brushes and $250!

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Today I have the lovely pleasure of hosting a giveaway (with my fellow beauty bloggers) for $250 and set of Lilly Brushes! More information will be posted later on in the post but I wanted to take a chance to explain what a Lilly Brush is.

The Lilly Brush is a pill removal brush that helps restore and rejuvenate natural fiber clothing and removes pet hair, lint and fuzz. It comes with a houndstooth carrying cover and is sleek enough to fit in a purse or jacket - perfect for anyone on the run! It's an eco-friendly solution to sticky rollers, and is made to last for years.

In case you're wondering, the Lilly Brush works on all natural fibers including cotton, wool, cashmere, hemp, and alpaca. The soft, nylon bristles of the Lilly Brush won't snag or make holes in delicate sweater weaves. For washable fabrics the Lilly Brush can be dampened before use to eliminate static.

To use: apply moderate pressure while sweeping the Lilly Brush across your garment in any direction to make short work of pills, pet hair, lint and light soil. To clean the Lilly Brush, simply wash with light soap, rinse, and tap briskly to remove excess water.

The people behind Lilly Brush get just how annoying it is to part with a favorite cashmere, wool or cotton sweater simply because normal wear has left it covered in pills and the Lilly Brush is a quick alternative to sticky lint rollers. 

For more information, visit Lilly Brush. LillyBrush also has an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter

All of us are giving away $250 plus a Lilly Brush in each color (graphite grey and red) to one lucky winner! US only. You must be 18 or older. By entering, you agree to the official rules.

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