Introduction, Swatches, and Review: Limnit Lipsticks

I Purchased This Press Sample

Today I'm really excited to introduce, swatch, and review a new cosmetics company for you guys called Limnit Lipsticks. I was introduced to the company only last week and I'm already so stoked to talk about them.

I was browsing on etsy (in between my school work because why not) and came across these listings of a beautiful bright teal and deep navy blue lipstick. Intrigued, I clicked to get more information and I'm immediately hooked. I'll admit I was a little hesitant at first because the company is so new (they opened about two weeks ago) but I was comforted by the fact that they have:
  • Well-thought out branding and color names (Olly Olly Oxen Free for an Oxblood lipstick, Punkin' for a bright orange, etc)
  • Detailed Ingredient lists. Each listing has an ingredient lists and the color index (CI) number listed for each colorant. I hate having to search around for the ingredient lists so I'm thankful it's listed nice and clear.
  • Well-lit and accurate photographs and swatches that they actually took. I've been burned lately by companies stealing photographs or having poorly lit photographs so it was nice to see the photography. 
They had sample jars available so I picked up three in Bewitching Hour, League of My Own, and Olly Olly Oxen Free. (I'm a sucker for lipsticks and especially a sucker for samples). The owner Trina was kind enough to gift me with two extra samples of Racin' Carnation and Deepest Taupes and Dreams.

FYI These lipsticks ARE Vegan and Cruelty Free.

limnit lipsticks

I've got a lot of pictures in this post so I'll be putting it under a cut in case you're reading this from my home page!

Where to purchase: Limnit Lipsticks (For Black Friday/Cyber Monday use the code Turkey13 for 30% off full size lipsticks and sample jars until 12/2 and after that, use the code grandopening2013 when you buy a full size to get a full size for half off until the end of the year)
Price: Sample sizes start at $4.60 for 1.5 grams/.05 oz. If you purchase three samples it's $11.50 and if you purchase samples of all seven colors it's $27.60. Full size: $12.95 for 4.5 grams/.15 oz oz. 
Do they test on animals?: Nope they do not test on animals.
Packaging: The samples come in a 3 gram jar and the full sizes come in a traditional lipstick tube with a lipstick bullet.

Oh I wanted to mention that the lipsticks are slightly scented with an amaretto fragrance oil but I didn't detect a scent or taste when wearing it.

Before I get to the full face photos and lip swatches, I wanted to show some arm swatches. I had great difficulty trying to capture the color of League of My Own and I had to alter the color in the swatch picture but that's as close as it'll get. The rest of the lipsticks are a finger swipe that I did on my arm and the photos were taken in natural daylight with no flash.

From left to right: Bewitching Hour, Deepest Taupes and Dreams, League of My Own, Olly Olly Oxen Free, Racin' Carnation

limnitlipstickscollagelimnit lipsticks

Full face photos and lip swatches are taken in natural daylight with no flash. I did have to adjust the color for League of My Own to be more accurate. I'm switching up how I do my lip swatches because I think the slightly angled picture represents the color more accurately. I applied the lipsticks using a lip brush.

Formula: The lipstick is hard in the jar and I think it will drag on your lips at first but it warms up as you work with it so it'll get creamier and easier to smooth on. There was no settling or bleeding into the lip lines. The most matte of the colors was Racin' Carnation and the least was Deepest Taupes and Dreams. 

The lipsticks do have a slightly sticky finish which makes it a little uncomfortable around the corners of your lips but these weren't completely unbearable to wear. None of the lipsticks dried out my lips, they may have been a little moisturizing. I haven't tested all the lipsticks for wear time but for the ones I have, it's listed under each color. As these are matte lipsticks, they are unforgiving about any imperfections on your lips so be sure to exfoliate before wearing! If I had any criticisms I'd say I do wish it was slightly softer so it was easier to glide on.

Bewitching Hour

limnit lipsticks Bewitching Collage

Bewitching Hour: "A captivating midnight blue" Bewitching is a medium navy blue. It's quite pigmented and has a semi-matte finish. I was able to determine (by jamming my lips into the jar) that you can get a fairly opaque coverage in one swipe. It does require a bit of warming up before it applies smoothly on your lips. I would recommend a lip brush in order to get precise lines but again, it'll take a few swipes on the surface before it warms up and is easier to use. 

Deepest Taupes and Dreams

limnit lipsticks Deepest Taupes and Dreams Collage

Deepest Taupes and Dreams: "An off-black shade similar to dark chocolate or espresso" Yeah this is a deep dark chocolate brown. This was actually the easiest shade to work with, very creamy and not draggy. I don't think this has a semi-matte finish though, it's still got a somewhat shiny finish. I don't think this is a color I'd wear out but it's nice to see someone do an unconventional (to the masses) color. FYI I think the color swatch in the listing makes it look like there's some purple sparkles but it's actually a flat chocolate brown, no sparkle.

League of My Own (the lip swatch is more accurate with the lip color)

other league of my own collage

League of My Own: "A medium, more green than blue teal inspired by the sea" I tried my best to strive for color accuracy in both photos but I couldn't get the lipstick to look greener in the full face photograph. The color is much more accurate in the close up lip swatch. I did think that this took more layer to ensure an opaque and even coverage on the lips and had a fairly satin, not matte finish.

Olly Olly Oxen Free

limnit lipsticks Olly Olly Oxen Free collage

Olly Olly Oxen Free: "A medium oxblood with purple undertones" This is a brilliant oxblood (it's kind of a macabre color name isn't it?) color and I honestly love that the name is a pun on the shade. I don't really have a lot of words for it other than that it's awesome for Fall and Winter. This does have a semi matte finish, more matte than Deepest Taupes and Dreams and League of Our Own. FYI This shade will stain your lips a bright fuchsia so keep that in mind. By hour five, there was minor fading on the inside of my lower lip but the vast majority of the color was still present.

Racin' Carnation

limnit lipsticks Racin' Carnation collage

Racin' Carnation: "A bright red that contains a smidge of pink" I love the slightly neon quality of this red. It's like a searing racecar red with a dash of pink. This was the color that had the most matte finish. FYI this didn't stain my lips despite the brightness of the shade. 
By hour five, the color had faded slightly in the middle of my lower lip but the overall color was still there.  

Is it worth to purchase?

$12.95 is a expensive for an indie lipstick but there aren't many indie companies out there now who can formulate a good vegan lipstick in colors like this. If you're wary, definitely try out the sample jars. The photography alone should make you want to purchase because what you see is what you're getting. I love the authenticity that comes across in the listings and it's extremely refreshing to see. The formula feels hard at first but does smooth out nicely on the lips. I do wish it was the slightest bit softer so it would glide on easier from the tube. It is a little dry at the corners of the lips but it's not unbearable to wear. I tested the wear time for about five hours and the lipstick was still on, only with slight fading from the inner part of my lips. I also appreciate that the full size lipsticks come in a traditional lipstick tube with a bullet as opposed to a chapstick tube.

In summation, for a new brand I think this is a brilliant set of colors to come out with. There are a few unique shades to cater to the niche community and a few conventional shades to please the masses. If you're a little wary about getting a full size, the sample jars are a great option. For Black Friday/Cyber Monday use the code Turkey13 for 30% off full size lipsticks and sample jars until 12/2 and after that, use the code grandopening2013 when you buy a full size to get a full size for half off until the end of the year.

Disclaimer: I purchased three lipstick samples myself and was gifted two of the samples by the owner. I wasn't compensated for this review. All opinions are my own. None of the links in this post are affiliate links!


  1. I want ALL of them especially the blue ones since my Inglot lipstick broke.

  2. I'm going to check this company out. Amazing review, thank you so for sharing. Can't get over how well you applied these colors on your lips!

  3. I feel like you'd look fab in the navy blue, if I wouldn't get weird stares in class I'd totally wear it more often

  4. You're welcome! They're definitely worth a try with the samples (especially with the 30% off sale they're having!) and a good lip brush always helps with application :)

  5. These look really nice and I love the color selection that they have! I'll definitely be buying some samples, at least.

  6. These look FANTASTIC, wow. Definitely going to go browse their Etsy. Thanks for the swatches!

  7. Definitely keep me updated on how you like them!

  8. You're welcome! I do hope you like them :)

  9. I am really impressed by the coverage. Usually when I see swatches of black and blue lipstick, they are see-through. While I don't normally wear such bold colors on my lips, I think there is a market for these products. I will bookmark these for Halloween.

  10. Where on Etsy do you type in the sale code for Cyber Monday?

  11. When you're looking in your shopping cart, under where it gives you options to pay and above where it says "item total" there should be an option to click on "apply shop coupon code" and once you click there, that's where you'll enter the code!

  12. The colour coverage on these is really impressive. I'm not bold enough to try the more unusual colours but the red looks great!

  13. League of My Own looks like a slightly brighter, non-matte version of Illamasqua's matte Apocalips lipstick.

  14. Thank you sooooooo much for this review. Ive been looking everywhere for a cute brownlipstick


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