Darling Girl Cosmetics Burnished Watercolor Paint Pot Swatch and Review

I Purchased This

As part of my Black Friday Haul, I purchased a Watercolor Paint Pot (WPP) from Darling Girl Cosmetics. I quite like cream eyeshadows and they're not often done by indie cosmetics so I was enthusiastic about trying it out. I went back and forth about which color to get and decided on Burnished, a beautiful metallic bronze. 


Just looking at it in the pot looks entrancing (to me at least). 


Where to purchase:
Price: $6.50 but currently on sale at $5.25 for 5 grams of product by volume.
Do they test on animals?: The company does not.
Packaging: The watercolor paint pot comes in a dual walled plastic container with a white plastic cover to ensure the product does not dry out. Do not throw away the plastic disk! It is also recommended that you store the product in the ziploc bag it comes in to prevent it drying out quickly.

If you own an e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner, you may recognize the packaging. The general shape and lid is the same but the Darling Girl WPP comes with the plastic disk on top to prevent it from drying out.



The WPP was applied with my MAC 242, a flat shader brush. The picture was taken in natural daylight with no flash.

Burnished is a really beautiful metallic bronze with a gold flash to it. When the light hits it, that gold flash really stands out.



Darling Girl Cosmetics describes the WPP as having a "soft creamy consistency, almost like a mousse; they are not water proof but once set they are pretty smudge proof. They have almost a cream-to-powder effectWPP can be used as a stand alone color or as a base to enhance whatever color you layer over it".

These do have a soft, slightly squidgy texture. Very very creamy.

I preferred applying the WPP with my MAC 242, a flat shader brush. I tried applying it with a fluffy blending brush (like a MAC 217) but I thought the WPP was too squishy to pick up well and applying with your finger dulled the finish. The WPP dries down as you apply it as it's waterbased so you have about 30 seconds from application before it sets. Even after it is set, you can still blend out the edges to diffuse any harsh lines for a slightly smokey look.

This was fairly smudge proof and has a cream-to-powder effect with no tacky finish. It's suggested that you apply a regular primer first and when worn with a primer, I've gotten 12+ hours of wear with no creasing (way better than the Tarte Smoldereyes I tried out recently and at a fraction of the cost).

Without a primer, I experienced creasing after about 5 hours however I'm not holding it against the product since it suggests you pair it with a primer. If you have less oily lids, you'll probably have a better wear on its own.

You can wear this as an eyeshadow base and I got great wear without a primer when I set it with an eyeshadow. When worn this way, I got about 9 hours of wear before it started creasing. I was worried about experiencing fallout since the WPP isn't especially tacky-feeling but I didn't experience any problems. 

In conclusion, I really this cream eyeshadow. I like that I can apply a tiny amount and smudge it out or wear a thin line as a liner (which I was inspired to do because of this look by Alexis Leigh). I'm hoping there will be an expansion of colors in the line because while there are thirteen shades, the majority are more neutral colors and I'd love to see some brighter colors. The color Wildly Dancing Children looks especially gorgeous!

Purchase if:

a) You want to try an indie cream eyeshadow
b) You have drier lids 
c) You want an eyeshadow that'll give you that faux smoky eye look
d) You have oily lids but don't mind wearing a primer underneath

Don't purchase if:

a) You have oily lids and don't want to wear it with a primer
b) You don't want to be proactive about keeping it airtight and in the ziploc

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money. All opinions are my own and I'm not affiliated or compensated for my review.


  1. what a lovely color! I could see myself wearing this with a pop of blue or purple :)

  2. So pretty! Pair it with teal blue

  3. This is beautiful. I would have to wear primer since my lids are hooded and get oily. Love Darling Girl so much!

  4. Love this color! I would pair it with lavender or yellow :)

  5. That looks amazing!!! I think I may be in love!

  6. Wow this looks amazing!! I really want to give this a try :)

  7. omigosh - that color is amazing. Phyrra always talks about this brand and I really need to try it out.

  8. Elf actually has the plastic disk! It comes on their Studio lip balms, I remember because I thought the little leaf was adorable :)

    I'm surprised that an indie company put out cream eyeshadow though - do you find it similar to semi-loose formula?

  9. Oh wow, it looks like molten metal in the pot!

  10. I love this shade! It's beautiful in the pot, too

  11. This literally looks like liquid metal! Love the affordable price, too. I think it might be a bit too high maintenance for me, though!

  12. they're so worth a scope! The turn around time is a bit high but their products are so great!

  13. Oh they might have started adding the plastic disk, the one I have (admittedly an older one) doesn't have the disk at all.

    Hmm I'm not sure what you mean by the semi-loose formulas. I know Fyrinnae has mentioned something along the lines of that for their eyeshadows but I personally don't detect a huge difference between loose and semi-loose, they're all powder to me.

  14. I love it when Indies come out with new and exciting products. I need to try more Indie makeup lines. This looks pretty cool!

  15. I should really expand my horizon and try indie. Burnished looks amazing!

  16. This has such a different texture compare to anything I have, would love to find out more about it.

  17. I really like the look of this and I agree, they need more shades!! Also, Mai, you made a little mistake that looks funny :P "In conclusion, I really this cream eyeshadow. " Shouldn't a "like" be in there?

  18. Goodness, what a gorgeous color. Thanks for the great review.

  19. Thanks for reviewing this! I've recently become interested in more Indie brands and have been scouring the internet for more reviews, especially of the paint pots.

  20. What a pretty color. I only knew that Darling Girl made pigments, not cream shadows. I'll have to go look now.


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