OCC Plastic Passion Spring 2014 Lip Tar Swatches and Full Face Photos

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While I was at IMATS Pro Night last Friday, I was very kindly gifted the lip tars from the upcoming Spring 2014 Plastic Passion Collection. There are also six nail polishes coming out in the collection. There were also accompanying loose color concentrates in the display but I don't believe they are part of the Plastic Passion Collection. Today I'll be swatching the lip tars that come in the collection.


I've got a lot of pictures so I'll be putting the information under a cut. Feel free to click to see all the information!
Where to purchase: Sephora.com and OCCmakeup.com starting 2/1, in Sephora stores 2/18.
Price: $18.00 for .33 oz/10 mL
Do they test on animals?: The company does not and in fact all their products are vegan.
Packaging: The lip tars come in a plastic squeezy tube with a nozzle tip. They've recently undergone a packaging change and I was told that the new packaging (present on four of the lip tars in this collection) will be permanent.

The front of the packaging debuts their new logo and indicates the finish. All the nonshimmery lip tars have been denoted as matte to differentiate them from the metallic and stained glosses.

new occ lip tar packaging-1

The back of the lip tar is very different and is suited for newer customers/consumers who may feel tempted to apply the lip tar like a regular lipgloss. Instead of the ingredient list, there is information about what a lip tar is and how to use it. The ingredient list is now printed on the insert included in the pouch.

new occ lip tar packaging2-1

Now onto the swatches!


All the lip tars have been applied using the lip brush. All photographs have been taken in natural daylight with no flash. I had to color correct Pool Boy but other than that, there haven't been any modifications to the colors. 


OCC Hollywood

Hollywood: "Beige/gold shimmer" This is the warmer counterpart to the other metallic lip tar in the collection, Pleasure Model. It's not a color I would wear on its own because it's difficult to build to opacity but it'll make a great layering color.


OCC Kimber

Kimber: "Neon orange coral" There's a bit of translucency with this shade that lends its opacity to be between a stained gloss and a regular occ lip tar. It really makes me think of a bright highlighter orange.


edited occ mannqeuin swatch3

Mannequin: "Malibu pink"  It is a bright barbie-pink and I thought it was a color that was difficult to wear. It applied streaky and as you can tell in the swatch, it settled into lip lines. I wouldn't wear this on its own, I think it'll look much better with a lip liner beneath.

Pleasure Model

OCC Pleasure Model

Pleasure Model: "Pearlescent pink" This is the pinkier counterpart to Hollywood. It's a little more cool toned and is perfect for pairing with other colors. Much like Hollywood, I wouldn't wear this on its own.

Pool Boy

OCC Pool Boy

Pool Boy: "Aquatic blue" Welp this is one hell of a blue. This is a bright cyan blue that is very nearly opaque. I personally don't own the shade to compare to but if you're looking for Lime Crime's No She Didn't, you may like this color. If you own RX and Feathered, I'm sure you could mix the two to get Pool Boy.


edited occ rollergirl swatch2

Rollergirl: "Vibrant lavender purple" Okay so a long time ago OCC discontinued their one true purple, Belladonna, and fans everywhere were devastated. Now they've released Rollergirl and this blog post by The Makeup Vixen shows that it is so close Belladonna, just slightly lighter. It's absolutely beautiful and a must-have in my opinion.

In conclusion, get thee Rollergirl and rock that purple!!

Disclaimer: I received these lip tars courtesy of David, the owner of OCC. I wasn't commission or compensated for doing this post. All opinions are my own and not affected by the fact that I received these for free. Currently there are no affiliate links in the post.


  1. I reeeeeeeally want the blue and the purple.

  2. LOVE Rollergirl and Kimber! <333

  3. Rollergirl, Pool Boy & Kimber are my favorites from your swatches! & I love the new packaging for the mattes so much!

  4. Omigosh - I love it. I really want to try out Roller girl. It seems like lots of fun

  5. Hmmm... I wonder what my hubbs would say if I rocked Pool Boy or Rollergirl? Bwahahahaha!

    They both look smashing on you. :D

  6. Rollergirl is really close to Belladonna from what I can tell. Love it! Sadly Mannequin is gonna look horrid on me.

  7. I don't think I could wear that blue, but kudos to those who do! I like Kimber on you the best. Fresh!

  8. LOOOVE all of these, wow! Pool boy is stunning, but I am a little bit too chicken for that. I may have to pick up Rollergirl, though. It really suits you!

  9. Wow, those colors are bright! I think my husband would have me committed if I tried to wear Pool Boy.

  10. Your swatches are always so gorgeous! I bought Rollergirl but really wish Belladonna was around; from the link you posted, it looks like Rollergirl has a stronger white base which I don't love.

    I went to a class where Courtney (of OCC) used one of the new metallic lip tars as a highlighter and it worked beautifully.

  11. That blue is BRIGHT :D Love the first one!

  12. Mannequin, Pool Boy and Pleasure Model are must-haves!

  13. Hollywood is really unlike any color I've seen!

  14. I love the bright pink but have had this problem with similar shade from the Lip Tars...

  15. They are so crazily pigmented

  16. OMG this lip tar is amaaaaaazing! And your swatches are fab!

  17. I'm loving Kimber, will have to put that on my list!

  18. Love how bold the colors are!

  19. I love Kimber! and Rollergirl but I'd never manage to wear it

  20. I really want Kmber and Rollergirl!

  21. I love roller girl and Kimber!



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