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Back in March (is it really April already?), Femme Fatale Cosmetics was having a reopening sale after being closed for a few weeks and I took the chance to pick up a few eyeshadow samples. I picked up a few more duochromes and other colors that I thought were must-haves and swatched them all here! I'm also trying out a new way of doing swatch pictures for duochromes to better showcase the colors so I'd love some feedback!

femme fatale cosmetics collage
There are so many pictures so I've put everything behind a read more tag!

As always, the eyeshadows were swatched dry over Milani Eyeshadow Primer. The duochrome will be more enhanced over a glitter adhesive like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy or Darling Girl Glitter Glue but since not everyone has it, I decided not to swatch over it.


femme fatale cosmetics deepmoss final

Deepmoss: "A deep navy blue base with a satin smooth green to blue colour shifting shimmer." I was pleasantly surprised with Deepmoss, the green to blue shimmer is so much more prominent in person. This would be perfect for a pop of color in the middle of your lid.


femme fatale cosmetics exorcism

Exorcism: "A medium purple with a stunning colour shifting shimmer which alternates between a complimentary purple and sea green depending on the light." Exorcism is super pretty but I think it was a little difficult to coax out the shimmer. 


femme fatale cosmetics incantation

Incantation: "A burgundy based eyeshadow with a scattering of pink sparkles." Though this isn't a super duochromey eyeshadow, I'm such a sucker for burgundy that I had to get this.


femme fatale cosmetics jinx

Jinx: "A pigmented mid purple with blue undertones and a warm tone (copper red) duochrome finish". Ohhhhh man this is such a beautiful eyeshadow. The base is more blue than purple and that copper-red duochrome is so much stronger in person.


femme fatale cosmetics moonglow

Moonglow: "A pale columbia blue with a prominent golden duochrome and subtle pink shimmer." On me, it's more silver than blue and I love the contrast of the golden duochrome with the silvery base. 


femme fatale cosmetics seafire

Seafire: "A washed out sea green teal with golden shimmer and pink sparks." It swatches more green than blueish but I think that's because of the golden shimmer. It did swatch a little duller than I was expecting.


femme fatale cosmetics smokebomb

Smokebomb: "A black based eyeshadow with colour shifting shimmer and copper sparkles" I think this would be super pretty to use in a smokey eye with the contrasting shimmer. I think this would fare better applied wet to get the shimmers to pop.

Spectral Fragments

femme fatale cosmetics spectral fragments

Spectral Fragments: "A deep blackened wine base with prominent turquoise shimmer" Oh boy if you're not in love with it already because of the turquoise shimmer, you've got no heart. So beautiful with a bright turquoise.

Sugar Rush

femme fatale cosmetics sugar rush

Sugar Rush: "A bright blue-toned purple with soft turquoise-green shimmer". Sugar Rush is the lighter cousin with stronger shimmer of Exorcism. I much prefer Sugar Rush though it is a tad sheerer than Exorcism.

The Nightmare 

femme fatale cosmetics the nightmare

The Nightmare: "An eggplant purple base with intense golden green glimmers and sparkles." This one really surprised me. I love the contrast of the green glimmer and sparkle against the purple base. It's such a must-have!


femme fatale cosmetics wavemender

Wavemender: "A midrange soft sea green teal with sparse shimmer and flecks of crimson sparkles" By far, this was my favorite eyeshadow and it was actually my free sample! I lamented not purchasing this and was pleasantly surprised when it was my sample. The soft teal contrasting with the crimson is beautiful!

I'm a huge fan of Femme Fatale Cosmetics and although their international shipping is a bit expensive, it's so worth it since their duochromes are wonderful. In the future, I'm getting myself a full size of The Nightmare and Wavemender at least.


  1. Hi! These shadows are gorgeous! elf cosmetics also makes an inexpensive glitter glue. Great job on the photographs too!

  2. i think you captured the duochrome in these photos really well ! :)

    i'm so in love with Spectral Fragments & The Nightmare .

    ––– Nicole

  3. Smokebomb is super cute. I gotta be honest, I don't love glitter but the way you captured these is really pretty!

  4. These shadows are gorgeous. Loving Smokebomb a lot!!! Super good shades and pigment. Thanks for the review.

  5. these are beautiful shadows!

  6. Like I need every single one of these shadows! *cries*

  7. Deepmoss, Sugar rush and Wavemender are stunning

  8. OMG I NEED ALL OF THESE. Gorgeous colors!!

  9. These colors are amazing and vivid!

  10. Omg... Smokebomb is seriously a must-have!

  11. I honestly can't even pick a favorite. They are all so lovely.

  12. Wavemender is amazeballs! They are all pretty but yeah... :D

  13. Oh I hadn't realized that elf does one too! I wonder if it's sold in stores, I'm not a huge fan of their shipping from the website

  14. Aww thanks! The Nightmare is super amazing

  15. These colors are all beautiful.

  16. Oh my poor wallet. I need all of these. Freaking GORGEOUS colors! I can't pick a favorite!

  17. Uhhhhh, I will take one of each

  18. Each and every shade is gorgeous! I want them all!

  19. Wow! All of these remind me of mermaid colors!

  20. I WANT THEM ALL!! Seriously, there is not one that isn't gorgeous.

  21. These all look so gorgeous! I love how you swatched them.

  22. Spectral Fragments: "A deep blackened wine base with prominent turquoise shimmer" Oh boy if you're not in love with it already because of the turquoise shimmer, you've got no heart. So beautiful with a bright turquoise. http://qr.net/rGQc


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