Event Recap: The Makeup Show LA 2014

This is sadly so very belated but here's my coverage of The Makeup Show LA. I've attended many a trade show over the last few years and by far, The Makeup Show LA is my favorite. It is a pro-only show but I appreciate the opportunity to attend because it really allows me intimate access to the brands and brand owners. I have the opportunity to ask more information about the brand, get insider information about future collections, swatch some products that may not be available in person and to get a sense of how professionals actually use the products!

Here are some photos from the show. I also got a few new things that are coming out soon that I'll try to review soon!

This is going to be a photo-heavy post so I've put everything behind a cut. Let this photo of Kevyn Aucoin's personal kit entice you in...

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I got to attend a preview day on Friday and got first access to the Icon Gallery dedicated to Kevyn Aucoin, a pioneering makeup artist whose work transcends time and trends. Items from his personal kit and personal photos were featured and it felt amazing just to be experiencing a small facet of his life through the mementos.

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kevyn aucoin makeup

A self-portrait.

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Swatches from his makeup line. I'm pleased to see the depth of color range in the line which a lot of brands struggle with now.

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Next up I'll cover snippets from a few brands from the show.

Besame Cosmetics

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I'm a fan of Besame Cosmetics due to the retro feel to the line. The lipsticks are wonderfully pigmented and the gold lends a vintage quality to the makeup.

Billion Dollar Brows

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Although Anastasia is known for their brow game, Billion Dollar Brows has some intriguing products too! Their Brow Buddy (the grey tool on the right) looks more like an item you'd find in a maths classroom than in your makeup stash but it's actually brilliant for trying to even out your brows and get a sense of how your brows should be shaped.

Enkore Makeup

enkore brush soap

Enkore has been super busy in real life so unfortunately I haven't been able to see him at recent trade shows but that doesn't mean I wasn't able to catch his brush soaps being sold at Alcone. The combo of loofah and soap is brilliant and works excellently on my white haired brushes!

Glamcor (hi!!)

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I've heard brilliant things about Glamcor from Dustin Hunter/DustyoHunter. Glamcor is a line that sells luxury and professional products for pros including a lighting system (great for makeup artists) a lighted makeup vanity/studio, and more. Feel free to scope his reviews on their lighting system, bags and trolley, and their convertible brush apron

Jouer Cosmetics

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I don't know much about Jouer Cosmetics but I was able to get a few samples of their interlocking compacts. The idea itself is intriguing though I have to test to see how it actually works out in action. The range is very expansive though.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Many of you already know how huge fans I am of OCC. Although I didn't like their Cosmetic Colour Pencils for the eyes, they are pretty cool for the lips.

OCC Spring Plastic Passion 2014

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I also wanted to mention that the lip tars in the Plastic Passion collection had a different packaging and I can confirm that they are transitioning to new packaging for the metallic and regular lip tars. I was told the Stained Glosses was going to stay in the old packaging. Here's examples of the new packaging.

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senna cosmetics haute nudes palette

Speaking of another brand underrated for their brow products, Senna Cosmetics was also at the show. I took a photo of two of their great Haute Nudes palettes. I actually have the one on the left but have been eyeing the one on the right for ages. I'll try to get a review up of the Haute Nudes palette, it's a brilliant set of taupey nudes and shimmers.


If you're a professional makeup artist looking for a good set of matte eyeshadows, look no further than Viseart. Their 12-color eyeshadow palettes are wonderfully pigmented and smooth and although $80 a pop, that works out to be $6.67 each which is extremely fair.

viseart matte eyeshadow palette

There were many other brands at the show but I hope you found these photo snippets gave you an idea of the products available. If you ever have the chance to attend The Makeup Show, take it because it'll be a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

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  1. Great pics! So good that you got to go! ;)



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