NARS Dual-Intensity Blush in Frenzy: Swatch, Review, and Photos

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NARS is already so well-known for their original Blush line so I was quite interested in trying out their newest range, the Dual-Intensity Blush. This range consists of six color-coordinated duos and I got the shade Frenzy courtesy of The Makeup Show LA. Unlike their original line, these blushes could be used wet and dry.


Where to Purchase: Sephora (affiliate), NARS
Price: $45.00 for 6 grams/.21 oz
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals.
Packaging: The blush duo comes in a square compact, with a mirror in the lid. The compact is slightly rubbery like the other NARS compacts.

nars dual intensity blush frenzy (1 of 2)

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Frenzy is described as a "sparkling soft pink-gold highlighter/ shimmering bright tangerine orange". Frenzy is a blush and highlighter duo, as opposed to a blush duo. 

nars dual intensity blush frenzy (2 of 2)


NARS describes the formula as:

"Purely pigmented color with seamless customizable coverage. New Dual-Intensity Blush defies genre with a silky, wet/dry formula of unprecedented artistry. Apply dry for a healthy glow and wet for translucent, second-skin finish. NARS exclusive Translucent Prismatic Technology features pearls and pigments perfectly suspended in transparent soft base to allows for multi-dimensional effects with a uniquely weightless, luxurious texture."

In my opinion, I feel like the marketing for the blush is a little confusing and contradictory. 

On one hand, it says purely pigmented color (which to me means it's a pigmented blush) while on the other hand it says that it will give a healthy glow or translucent, second-skin finish (which to me means it's not as pigmented as it's translucent).

If you swatch it in the store with your fingers, you'll probably think both halves are incredibly pigmented. In reality, the blush is rather sheer while the highlighter only moderately so. 

It's not a problem to have the highlighter side sheer (since you want to be able to control how much shine you have), but I thought the blush was too sheer given how it looks in the pan. The blush side is a formula that required me to dig a bit with my blush brush in order to pick up enough to apply to my face. You could apply this blush with a damp brush, but I thought it made the blush apply patchy.

I had a problem with this color in particular, but it seems like the other colors in the range get better reviews. With a price tag of $45, I expected a lot but unfortunately this shade didn't deliver. I think you're better off with the original range of blushes.


Here's how it looks when swatched using fingers. 
nars dual intensity blush in frenzy swatch (2 of 2)

Here's how it looks when swatched using a brush. 

nars dual intensity blush in frenzy swatch (1 of 2)

You can see how it looks very different applied using fingers vs. using a brush. I had to apply a few layers to get it to show up on the skin.


If you prefer a sheerer look and are someone who doesn't mind needing to build the color up, you'll probably like this blush duo. The highlighter side is wonderful on the top of my cheeks however I feel like the blush side is a bit of a disappointment. I wish it was more pigmented. For me, I'm not into it. Like I said, there are other colors in the range which seem to get better reviews so you may want to try other colors instead. 


  1. Such a shame! The blush is such a pretty shade but I like my blushers to be quick and easy to sweep on, not something I have to work at much to get the colour! x

  2. This duo is so pretty, but I prefer pigmented blushes I need to use a light hand with.

  3. It's so sheer! Not what I expected. Thanks for the great swatches.

  4. I lie that it looks so natural.

  5. That's pretty crazy at how little pigment it has with a brush. I can't imagine spending $45 on it honestly. I haven't picked any of the new blushes up yet, but I am eyeing a pink duo. Maybe I'd better swatch before I commit. Thank you for the thorough review!!

  6. yeah I was really hoping for more color!

  7. yep, I think pigmented blushes can be so much more versatile

  8. You're welcome! I've heard way better reviews for the other shades so maybe this one in particular is just a dud

  9. It's interesting because Nars blushes are usually so pigmented that you have to use the lightest hand with them.

  10. I'm wondering if they meant the blush would be more pigmented when used wet. I really like the colors and that blush is totally my kind of shade right now, but I'm disappointed in how sheer it is when used with a brush :(

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  11. Thanks for this informative review. I love the shade of the blush, but I found the description confusing also. The way it swatched on your arm with a brush was terrible. Definitely not for $45

  12. I would be disappointed with this performance, but I suppose I'm also not excited about having to apply blush with a wet brush. If I wanted that, I'd buy a cream blush, I think. They are beautiful colors, but too sheer for me for that price point.

  13. I love these blushes, def a lot more color when used wet, but I use a firm-ish brush to apply dry and get a nice pigment from them. I believe it's the Sonia Kashuk #24

  14. I've been torn on getting these. They look gorgeous but the price still gets me

  15. I have been meaning to get my hands on these

  16. The highlighter is very pretty.

  17. If one side isn't as nice as the other, I think I'll skip it. Thanks for the honest review.


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