The Makeup Show LA 2015 Recap: Brand Coverage

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I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to The Makeup Show LA 2015 to cover some of the brands and education at the show. I'm happy to talk about some of the items I saw that we may not be able to try out in person. Check out my photos and my thoughts on some of the brands!

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AJ Crimson

AJ Crimson had their line of cream foundations, lipsticks, and lip & cheek colors at the show. Pictured below are their cream foundations. As you can see, the range is quite comprehensive and anyone with a deeper skintone is likely to find a match. 

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I was glad to see more inclusion of brands like AJ Crimson, who cater to people of color, at the show.

Bdellium Tools

So I'm so very pleased that Bdellium featured their purple bambu brushes at the show. A long while ago, I got a purple bambu brush from them and was hoping that they'd release an entire set. Lo and behold, they finally have one. They aren't available individually yet but here's hoping they'll come out soon!

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Aren't the brushes gorgeous? So dainty but also a great line of synthetic brushes. Who says synthetic can't be synonymous with stylish?


Beautylish was offering their Bioderma Sensibio H20 and Sebium H20 at the show. I'm a huge huge fan of the Sensibio already so I'm glad I have a domestic source if I ever need it. The Sensibio and Sebium H20s are micellar waters, basically one of the best makeup removers ever. They don't leave an awful residue and get rid of most makeup (excluding super waterproof mascara). A must-have in my opinion!

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Seriously, how nice do the three sizes look next to each other? The large 500mL bottles last me ages and the formula is fabulous.

Besame Cosmetics

Are you a fan of Agent Carter? If so, you'll want to check out Besame Cosmetics since they actually use their lipsticks on the show. The incredible range of red lipsticks means there will be a color for anyone. They also debuted their 1940s themed Cream Mascara; I can't wear non waterproof mascara otherwise I'd check it out!

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Cailyn Cosmetics 

Cailyn Cosmetics has come out with some amazing products. Of note is their Cocoon Lip Stain, a unique product to the US market but something familiar to the Korean market. A lot of US brands have embraced Korean trends and technology and the Cocoon Lip Stain is representative of that. You apply the lip stain, which dries like a mask, then remove the mask.

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The brand also has a new range of brightly colored lipsticks. If you're a fan of Lime Crime, you may spot some similar colors in the Cailyn range. 
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Cinema Secrets

Though I'd normally talk about Cinema Secrets' brush cleaner (which is legitimately fabulous and a must-have for professionals and consumers alike), I got to see and learn about two of their new upcoming releases. Pictured below are two shades of their Ultralucent Illuminating Powder, which is meant to add a glow to your skin. The color on the left is Pearl (which is fabulous for lighter skin tones) and the color on the right is Candlelight, a rose gold for medium skinniness. Bronze will be coming out soon. The illuminating powder is gluten-free, vegan, and made with certified organic ingredients.

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The other product they have coming out is their Pro Eye Shadow Base. Though the name is eyeshadow base, it acts as a primer and base to prevent creasing while intensifying your eyeshadows. There will be three shades coming out total: Nude, White, and Smokey. Smokey is a grey color, especially unique amongst other eyeshadow bases and perfect for doing smoky eyes. Be on the lookout for it!
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Ellis Faas

This year at The Makeup Show, Ellis Faas was featured in the show's Icon Gallery (along with Donald Robertson sharing the other half of the space). It was wonderful to be able to see her work shown prominently in the gallery. 

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There's not much I need to say about Hakuhodo brushes that hasn't been said before. Their brushes are wonderfully handcrafted and a fantastic investment. I purchased a pencil brush from them at the show. Pictured below are their kabuki brushes.

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Mario Badescu

This was Mario Badescu's first time at The Makeup Show. They have achieved a cult status amongst the skincare community, and for good reason. I was able to get a few items from their line and it renewed my appreciation for products like the Drying Cream (which is fabulous for stubborn whiteheads and cystic acne). 

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Mustaev was a newcomer to The Makeup Show. They're actually a Korean makeup brand, founded in 2009 with contribution by Korean makeup artists. They do have a US website so you can purchase their cosmetics domestically. I actually got their Bloom Pouch from them, which is a standing brush holder (review to come). I highly appreciate the photography on the website which demonstrates and explains the products well. I took a picture of their eyeshadows below.

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NARS Cosmetics

NARS was the brand I was looking the most forward to. Their Audacious lipsticks were hyped up to the heavens and I was able to get two colors, Anita and Anna (which I'll be reviewing soon). They also featured their new All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, which I also got and will review. So far, I'm loving the natural finish to the foundation and the incredible pigmentation considering how light it feels. More thoughts soon! 

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Of course, I couldn't pass up walking by the OCC booth. Featured below are their Loose Color Concentrates (loose pigment).

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They also had their Cream Color Concentrates and Conceal in the new packaging. Is anyone else reminded of cassette tapes when they look at these or is it just me?
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Senna Cosmetics

Everyone wants to talk about Anastasia when it comes to their brow products but don't miss out on Senna. They actually came out with a brow powder book first and it's got an amazing range of colors. I also love their Brow Brush for applying both powders and creams to my eyebrows!
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I'll admit I was a little surprised to see Sephora exhibiting at the show, since Sephora is a consumer brand. However I noted that they're trying to cater to professionals at the show with their range of eyeshadows and blushes. They also had their Sephora branded Z Palette. I'm not sure if this means they may be offering professional discounts in Sephora stores (possibly for Sephora branded products) but it was definitely intriguing.
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Lastly, I wanted to talk about Viseart. Matte is back in popularity and Viseart makes a great matte eyeshadow palette for professionals and consumers alike. If you are in the market for mattes and are willing to invest (since they're $80 each), you won't go wrong with Viseart. Pictured is their Neutral Matte palette.

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Bonus Picture: My Haul from the show - 
the makeup show la 2015 haul
I hope you enjoyed my recap of some of the brands at the show. Is there anything you'd like me to swatch or review first from my haul?


  1. Thank you for showing us around the show :) I'm really curious about Hakuhodo brushes, and hopefully will start investing in them soon. Which brush would you recommend to start with?

  2. The Viseart Neutral Matte palette is still my favorite palette. But I wish I could have been at the show. Wow, all the gorgeous makeup! I would also love to see the entire Besame collection in person :)

  3. I really like the eye brushes from the G series; I already have the a pointed blending brush, the G5526 (similar to the MAC 262) and I bought a pencil brush (like the MAC 219), the G5514. I think the G series are reasonably priced and if I had the money, I'd get myself a Yachiyo brush!

  4. LA seems to have so many more brands than NYC! I hope I can get out there some day!

  5. Those lavender brushes are so pretty!

  6. SO many pretty products! Those brushes are calling my name!!

  7. Aren't they? I almost want to get them just to have them in the background for my photos

  8. This was the most fun post to read but I am envious too of what you got to experience. The brands you highlighted are all wonderful. I need to get the Bioderm Micellar Water and I'm intrigued with the new stain from Cailyn.

  9. So many products I kind of want to buy because of your post. Those Cailyn lippies, I want all shades!

  10. There are definitely some newcomers to the show that I hope also come to The Makeup Show Orlando! I'm curious to see what you think of that new NARS foundation that everyone loves so much.

  11. I love Besame. I need all the lipsticks.

  12. What a fun post!! That's so cool that Besame does the lipstick on Agent Carter. (I had actually wondered who did it!) I have Anna and it's my go-to shade. i love the color and formula of the Audacious lipsticks. Thanks for all the info, and some intros to new to me brands!

  13. Look at all the pretties! I need to try out Besame!


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