SWATCHES & REVIEW: KBShimmer Summer 2015 Collection Part Two

I'm so so excited to post about these KBShimmer Nail Polishes. I won a giveaway that they were doing with Nail It! Magazine and got nine polishes from their Summer 2015 Collection. These were my first KBShimmer nail polishes and I already know that they won't be my last. I'm happy to swatch and review all these colors in the post.


Where to Purchase: KBShimmer
Price: $8.75 for 15ml/.5 oz
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals.
Packaging: The nail polishes come in a glass bottle with two stainless steel balls.

kbshimmer summer collection part two bottles photo (1 of 1)


Overall, the formula on these polishes are fantastic. I didn't need to thin any of the polishes; they were neither gloopy or thick despite the amount of glitter in some of the colors. The polish just flows real easy on the nail. There are some crellys (cream jellies) and jellies which need three coats, but I love how KBShimmer tells you the recommended number of coats for each color. I also appreciated that all the crellys and jellies applied evenly on the nail; none of the polishes were streaky or balding. I can see why KBShimmer gets such great reviews, I plan to get more! 


All swatches were photographed in natural daylight. I'll list how many coats were used for each swatch down below.

kbshimmer summer collection part two final swatches (8 of 9)

Alloy Matey! is described as "our most blingy silver polish yet, packed with micro and fine silver holographic glitters for full coverage in 2-3 coats." The swatch was three coats. There is a ton of holographic glitters in the polish. I do love the holographic effect you get, even when you're not in direct sunlight. You can also apply a thin layer as a holographic topcoat.

kbshimmer summer collection part two final swatches (1 of 9)

Home Surf is described as a "muted teal crelly with silver holographic glitters in several sizes." The swatch was three coats. If you have long free edges like I do, you'll need three coats for full coverage. You can get away with two if you have shorter nails. After the first coat, the polish is darker than it appears in the bottle. The glitters are evenly dispersed in the formula and flows easily on the nail. No doubt, this is my favorite color in the collection. I actually had this on my birthday wishlist before I won the polish. If you're going to get just one, make it this one.

kbshimmer summer collection part two final swatches (2 of 9)

Pink-a Colada is described as "a violet leaning pink crelly polish with holographic glitters in lime green, light blue and pink with full coverage in 3 coats" This swatch was three coats. I find that with my long free edges, three coats still shows some visible nail length (vnl) due to the jelly finish. If you have shorter nails, you might only need two.

kbshimmer summer collection part two final swatches (3 of 9)

Shell Shock is described as a "peach leaning tan polish with holographic gold glitter, magenta glitter and copper glitters" This swatch was four coats. This was described as a more sheer than their other crelly polishes. Though more sheer, it doesn't apply streaky on the nail. Personally, I wouldn't wear it by itself since I need four coats for full coverage. This makes me think of what sand would look like if you put it under a microscope with its beige base but multicolored glitters. I actually thought I wouldn't like it but it's gorgeous.

kbshimmer summer collection part two final swatches (7 of 9)

Sun and Games is described as "a gold holographic polish packed with micro fine glitters for a sunny full coverage look in 2-3 coats." This swatch was three coats. Like Alloy Matey!, you get very even coats when applying and could even use this as a holographic topcoat! It also wasn't thick or goopy despite how much glitter was in the polish.

kbshimmer summer collection part two final swatches (6 of 9)

Vitamin Sea is described as an "aqua jelly polish with pink, silver, and micro holographic glitters". This swatch was three coats. This is such a difficult color to capture in photos, it's this wonderful aqua that either leans too blue or green in photos. You have to see it in person to believe it. I noticed that my bottle also has a ton of copper glitters, which I've only seen in one other person's swatches; most of the earlier swatches seem to only have the pink and silver glitters in the polish so I'm not sure what that's about. This does dry with a satin finish so you'll need to use a topcoat to shine it up. This is probably my second favorite color of the collection.

kbshimmer summer collection part two final swatches (9 of 9)

Wave the Flag is described as "a patriotic glitter topper with red, white and blue matte glitters and tiny white stars." This was one pull of the brush and dabbed onto my nails over Alloy Matey!. You can get good coverage as long as you use the dab and spread method. 

kbshimmer summer collection part two final swatches (5 of 9)

What Are You Wading For is described as a "deeper toned periwinkle linear holo polish with indigo blue shimmer" This was three coats. This needs three full coats for coverage. I did think that the holographic effect is a bit weak compared to other holographic polishes I've tried.

kbshimmer summer collection part two final swatches (4 of 9)

We Be Jammin' is described as a "bright magenta polish with blue shimmer and micro holographic sparkle." This was three coats. I think most people will only need two coats, but with my long free nails I need three. I think the blue glass fleck shimmer was gorgeous. 


These nail polishes are gorgeous and the formula is fabulous. If you're new to indie nail polishes, you can't go wrong with KBShimmer. I highly suggest getting Home Surf and Vitamin Sea, they're my favorite of this part of the collection. I am thinking about getting Foiled next.

Do you have any KBShimmer polishes? Do any of the colors stand out to you?

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