Swatches & Review: Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows in Charmed and Daydreamer

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In planning for PHAMExpo, I knew that Makeup Geek would have to be the first booth I checked out for fear that their wares would be sold out. I ended up being their first customer on Saturday thanks to my exuberance. I logically know that their items are so inexpensive but I'm cheap and still prefer saving a little money on shipping and also have the opportunity for instant gratification.

I picked up two of the foiled eyeshadows from their recent expansion of the product line, Charmed and Day Dreamer along with a few other items that I'll review separately.
Where to PurchaseMakeup Geek (affiliate)
Price: $9.99 for 1.8 grams
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals.
Packaging: The foiled eyeshadows come as pans in individual paper sleeves (similar to MAC Pro Pans). You'll need a separate magnetic palette to store the eyeshadows like a Z Palette (which they do sell on Makeup Geek's website)

makeup geek charmed and daydreamer (6 of 8)

Feel free to check out the accompanying youtube review of the eyeshadows if you'd prefer to listen to my thoughts or continue to read below~ (be gentle, it's my first Youtube video!)

Formula: Makeup Geek says-

"The intense pigmentation combined with an opaque, metallic finish make these shadows a dream to work with. These can be applied effortlessly in just one swipe with no primer required!"

I know that Marlena has mentioned in a video about the new colors that you'll need to use a primer with these eyeshadows if you are prone to creasing. It's more accurate to say that you won't need an eyeshadow base with these colors since they're so metallic and pigmented. The texture feels like a rather creamy powder.

I highly suggest using either flat shader style brushes or your fingers with the eyeshadows. Fluffy blending brushes like the 217 would just kick up a ton of product and also create a lot of fallout as you're blending.

Charmed seems a bit softer, not as firmly pressed as Daydreamer. I prefer using my fingers to apply it using a patting and swirling motion with my fingers; this way I can pick up a lot of product but also pat down any product that I kicked up. I also think it's not as pigmented as Day Dreamer so you get better pigmentation with your fingers. Daydreamer seems to be pressed more firmly so there's not a lot of extra product that's kicked up as I swirl it with my finger or with a brush. I can use either a brush or fingers to apply it to my eyes. Both of these would be perfect to use in the center of your eyelid to bring light to the area. 

Wear time will depend on how oily your eyelids are. Personally I have to wear these with a primer and I get about 6-7 hours of wear. I normally get about 8-10 hours of wear out of regular eyeshadows with primer.


The foiled eyeshadows were swatched using my fingers without any primer. The photograph was taken in natural indirect daylight.

Charmed (affiliate) is described as a "muted silvery light olive with taupe undertones and a foiled finish" It is a green tinged silver, maybe even a pewter?. Whatever color it is, it's gorgeous and surprisingly complex for a single hue. I think your skintone might alter how it looks on you. I think Charmed really flatters my skin; the natural green tinge to Charmed seems to really compliment my yellow undertones.

Day Dreamer (affiliate) is described as a "light lilac purple with cool undertones and a foiled finish". It is a silver tinged lilac. I was waffling on this eyeshadow because I was also considering getting High Wire (a blue toned silver) but it looked super bad against my skin tone. In comparison, the purple tones to Daydreamer seemed to flatter both my brown eyes and warm skintone. I would have normally thought that the silver would be too harsh but the purple seems to balance it out.


I really like both of these colors and am happy that they expanded the foiled shadows line. These colors complement the rest of the collection and it's a welcome set compared to the more natural colors of the first set. I knew going in that these do need a primer so while I wish it didn't, I understand sacrificing some longevity for the pigmentation and price tag.

Rating: A-

Have you tried any of the Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows yet?

Disclaimer: I purchased these eyeshadows myself. There are affiliate links in this post, which give me a commission based off your use of the link when making your purchase!

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