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Hey everyone! 

Today's review is on the Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Lip in 11 Rust. This Pro Sculpting Lip is new addition to the Pro Sculpting Collection and joins the Pro Sculpting Brow and Pro Sculpting Palette which was added to the range for Spring 2016.

Given that everything lately seems to be all about contouring and sculpting your face, I was curious to see how the concept translated over with lip products. The Pro Sculpting Lip in particular is a 2 in 1 product, with a lipstick on one side and a cream to powder highlighter on the other side. The cream to powder highlighter can be used to accentuate the cupid's bow or the center of your lip to add a multi-dimensional effect to your usual lip look. 

I got the shade 11 Rust, which has a muted strawberry red lipstick and white gold cream to powder highlighter.

Check out my thoughts on the lip duo and whether I think it's worth it!
Where to Purchase: Sephora, Make Up For Ever
Price: $27.00 for 1 gram of lipstick and .9 grams of highlighter
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals.
Packaging: The duo comes as a dual-ended pencil with the lipstick on one side and the highlighter on the other side. 

A popular way to do a sculpted or multidimensional lip look is to use two different colored lip products (one lighter and one darker), but these type of lip looks require you to blend the colors seamlessly for the smoothest effect (unless you're down for the two-tone look). In contrast, Make Up For Ever offers one lipstick color with a corresponding cream to powder to highlighter. I actually think the idea behind the lipstick + shimmery highlighter is much more user-friendly than blending two separate colors together.


Make Up For Ever says 

"The Pro Sculpting Lip is a dual-ended tool that naturally creates the illusion of a fuller-looking pout using light. The opaque, semi-matte lip color features an ultra-comfortable, creamy texture that’s infused with oil to prevent moisture loss."

Like MUFE says, the lipstick has a semi-matte finish. I was so pleasantly surprised to see how easily the lipstick glided on, no tugging at all. It's opaque, creamy without being slippy, and has a smooth finish without feeling sticky or tacky. On the other end is a light cream to powder highlighter held in the cap. Admittedly I wasn't sure if this was a powder or not and was worried about spilling the highlighter if I'd inadvertently tipped the cap over but thankfully it's actually a cream. The cream to powder formula makes it easier to apply the product where you want it, versus having a powder which can be more difficult to control.

For a subtle sculpted lip look, you can apply the highlighter onto your cupid's bow or onto the bottom lip before applying the lipstick. If you want a more obvious sculpted lip look, you can apply the highlighter onto your cupid's bow or bottom lip after applying the lipstick. Initially, I thought the rounded lipstick tip would make it difficult to apply the lipstick but it's actually not. Application is a breeze and you can get into all the corners of your lips and precisely line your lips. 

Wear Time:

Being a typical lipstick, the color can transfer to cups and straws throughout the day. However, the opaque formula means that a lot of color is still left behind and I'm still able to manage about 5-6 hours of wear.


11 Rust has the muted strawberry red lipstick with the corresponding white-gold/orange cream to powder highlighter. Of the four shades, this is the "least" brightest though it's all relative when the other three shades are reds/berries.

Here's a swatch of the lipstick, highlighter, and lipstick/highlighter combination. The highlighter lightens up the lipstick and adds a bit of shimmer to the color.

Here's a swatch of the lipstick by itself. It is beautiful and a shade you can just wear everyday.

Here's a swatch of both the lipstick and the highlighter worn together. I applied the highlighter on the cupid's bow and in the middle of my lower lip. Adding the highlighter helps to add some dimension and add depth to the lip look but it doesn't look super obvious.


I actually really enjoyed using this Pro Sculpting Lip. Given how much I enjoyed the formula, it's a shame that there are only four colors in the range and all four are variations of red or berry. I will admit that there isn't a ton of product in the duo (1 gram of lipstick when the usual lipstick has closer to 3) but I can appreciate the great lipstick formula and the ability to use the corresponding highlighter for different lip looks. 

I do hope they decide to add more shades because the formula is great, the effect is beautiful, and because four is truly not enough for anyone who's into lip products.

Have you tried the Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Lip? Have you tried doing any sculpting lip looks?

Disclaimer: I received this product courtesy of the brand/The Makeup Show. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review. The link marked with an asterisk is an affiliate link, which provides me with a commission based off your use of the link when making a purchase.


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    I love the shade you chose and the effect you got. Cool idea

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