Colourpop Hi Shine Ultra Glossy Lips: Review, Photos, and Swatches

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Hey everyone!

Continuing on the Colourpop train, I have a review, swatches, and photos of the Colourpop Hi Shine Ultra Glossy Lips. This launch is their expansion of their original Ultra Glossy Lips line with a new formula promising an ultra shiny finish with jojoba oil to add moisture. These new Ultra Glossy Lips come in three finishes, Pearlescent, Prismatic, and Tinted. This is in addition to the existing Creme, Metallic, and Sheer finishes.

Colourpop Hi Shine Ultra Glossy Lips

I think we are going to be seeing the resurgence/renaissance of lipgloss because there have been a few brands who have released new lip glosses in the past few weeks. I wasn't very interested in their first launch of the Ultra Glossy Lips because I was riding the "liquid lipstick" train and the idea of a gloss wasn't appealing then. After seeing the new colors and especially given the prices, I decided to get a few. 

I think you've been seeing how often I've been mentioning Colourpop on the blog and I swear, Colourpop could sell me on anything at this point. It's way too easy to justify buying from them when everything is between $4.00-$8.00 and I usually get my order in two days (since I'm in Southern California).

Click through to read my review and see swatches of each color!

Details/Where to Purchase: There are 3.0 grams/0.11 oz for $6.00. You can only get these at Colourpop. You can get 20% off your first purchase with that link (which provides me with referral credit).

Packaging: These come in a traditional lipgloss tube with a brush applicator. Their other Ultra Glossy Lips come with a doefoot applicator but with the new formula they decided to go with a brush applicator. I have mixed feelings about the packaging because I feel like not enough product comes out on the brush despite their claims that it picks up the perfect amount of product. One pull is enough to cover my top lip comfortably, a second pull is needed to cover my bottom lip.

Colourpop Hi Shine Ultra Glossy Lips Brush

When you first get the lipgloss, you do have to "break in" the bristles because they're initially stuck together and need to be loosened before it's ready to use.

Colourpop Hi Shine Ultra Glossy Lips


Colourpop says:
  • Swipe on our hi-shine, smoothing (never sticky) gloss and prepare to be obsessed. Enriched with jojoba oil to moisturize, nourish, and provide a cushiony feel for juicy, fuller-looking lips. Our brush applicator applies a perfect plush layer that looks and feels amazing. Five flawless finishes from 3-D pearl to sheer tinted colour. Apply over naked lips or your favorite lipstick.

These glosses are shiny and smooth while providing enough thickness to give a comfortable/cushy feeling on the lips. The formula spreads pretty well with the brush and I was happy with how it left my lips feeling moisturized/hydrated. These can be worn on their own or layered with other products but the brush can pick up some of your lipstick so you'll need to wipe it off before putting it back in the tube. The more you layer the gloss, the more cushy and smooth it feels and the base color will be enhanced so it'll help differentiate between the admittedly similar looking colors. 

There are three finishes in the Hi Shine formula. The Pearlescent finish is described as a "glass-like shine with subtle shimmer". The lip glosses in this finish were sparkly without being glittery. I didn't find that the shimmers in the formulas negatively accentuated lip texture, it didn't look metallic or frosty.  The Tinted finish is described as "glass-like shine with a tint of sheer color and no shimmer" and would look great paired with the Blotted Lips lipsticks. The Prismatic finish is described as "glass-like shine with floating multi dimensional pearl and glitters".

Wear Time was pretty good for a nonsticky gloss, about 2 1/2 to 3 hours when I wasn't eating. If I was eating, it wasn't lasting through a meal but I'm totally fine with it. The hype and the popularity behind liquid lipsticks had me forget that it's absolutely fine for a lip product to have a short wear time if it's a breeze to touch up. I think I have to get into the mindset that reapplying is not a bad thing anymore. 

From top to bottom: Champagne Mami, Fantasia, Feedback, Flying Horses, and PS.

Colourpop Hi Shine Ultra Glossy Lips


Personally I feel like it was harder to see the shade differences based on the product photos on the website. In person, it was much easier to tell the differences between the colors. 

The four Pearlescent shades were Champagne Mami, Fantasia, Feedback, and PS. The one Tinted shade was Flying Horses. 

Here are arm swatches of each color. From left to right: Champagne Mami, Fantasia, Feedback, Flying Horses, and PS.

Champagne Mami

Colourpop Champagne Mama Ultra Glossy Lip Swatch

Champagne Mami is described as a "rose gold". I feel like this color would be flattering on a lot of skin tones. The color isn't too bright and could definitely enhance the natural pinky or rosy tones in a lot of lips. My pick if you want a shimmery lipgloss that's close to a "my lips but better" look.


Colourpop Fantasia Ultra Glossy Lip Swatch

Fantasia is described as a "golden nude". I feel like this color isn't well represented on the website, this is like a milky golden beige with golden shimmers. Because of the slightly milky color, it has the potential to sink into lip lines. It's still wearable on its own but I think this might be good to pair with another lip color.


Colourpop Feedback Ultra Glossy Lip Swatch

Feedback is described as a "golden watermelon". If you want a bright coral pink, this is one to pick. One of the colors I was surprised to enjoy, I like how it pops against my skintone without being too obnoxious for everyday wear.

Flying Horses

Colourpop Flying Horses Ultra Glossy Lip Swatch

Flying Horses is described as a "sheer dusty rose". I love the look of a real juicy stained lip look. I chose Flying Horses over the other Tinted colors because the brighter/deeper colors looked like they were really sinking/bleeding into lip lines and this didn't seem to do that as much. 


Colourpop PS Ultra Glossy Lip Swatch

PS is described as a "golden peach". I love the slight orangey tones, I feel like it really pops against my skintone. It's a surprising color that I quite loved from the set.

Here is a collage of all the lip swatches to help you discern the differences.

Colourpop Hi Shine Ultra Glossy Lips Swatches

If you're in the market for some lip glosses I would recommend the Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lips, even accounting for the fact that you might have to dip back for enough product for your lips. It's a moisturizing formula that feels comfortable without being sticky. There's a great range of colors even nonshimmery ones if you're not interested in the sparkle.

Are you into lip glosses now? Have you always been into lip glosses?

Disclaimer: I purchased these lip glosses myself. All opinions are my own. There is an affiliate link included in this post which provides me with referral credit based off your use of the link when making a purchase.


  1. I've pretty much stopped using glosses. They slide all over my mouth and seep into the fine lines outside of my lips. However, when I was much younger, I loved them because I didn't want much color on my lips.

  2. All of these look fantastic on you. I like the Uktra Glossy Lips formula!

  3. I'm not a gloss fan but I'm glad to hear they aren't sticky.

  4. I love lip glosses and these are so natural and beautiful, I feel they could work for me. Great review!

  5. I am a huge fan of lip gloss, and these are so pretty. I am glad to hear that thy are moisturizing and non-sticky!

  6. These look like they have nice shine and I love the shades. Love that Colour Pop is so affordable too!

  7. Feedback is my favorite! Very fresh and summery

  8. I agree, it's easy to hoard this brand because of the price point vis a vis good quality.

  9. Flying Horses looks very pretty on you. I'm sorry that some of them bled into the lip lines.

  10. Rare for me, I love all of the shades and girl, I am so glad that glossy is back!

  11. These are pretty and the price is right!! I prefer gloss with more pigment for myself.

  12. I’ve actually never been a lip gloss fan, but I agree with you, they are making a comeback! If you love glosses, then these look pretty!

  13. I really like Flying Horses! This looks like the perfect everyday shade for me.

  14. Those are all pretty, I just prefer more pigment.

  15. I really like lip glosses and still grabbed for those even when matte lips were the popular thing. I just have to have all things shiny!

  16. I love when you write lip posts since you have beautiful lips that show color so well. These all look great on you.

  17. Not sticky has my attention for sure! Thats like the reason I don't like glosses! May give these a try sometime!

  18. I'm so happy gloss is making a comeback and liquid mattes are not really trending anymore. Gloss is so much more comfortable!

  19. Beautiful swatches. I need to give ColourPop a try!


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