Colourpop Lux Lipsticks: Review, Photos, and Swatches

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Hey everyone!

Today I have a review, photos, and swatches of six Colourpop Lux Lipsticks, three of the Creme Lux Lipsticks from the original launch four months ago and three of the new Matte Lux Lipsticks that launched recently. I had been thinking about getting the lipsticks when they first launched but never got around to it until the Matte Lux Lipsticks launched and they were doing a buy two get one free promotion. I ended up getting six lipsticks for the price of three! These are quite inexpensive and in line with Colourpop's usual pricing, $7.00 each.

Colourpop Creme Lux Lipsticks and Matte Lux Lipsticks

Colourpop Creme Lux Lipsticks and Matte Lux Lipsticks

The three Creme Lux Lipsticks are Lay Over, Pinkies Up, and Tip Toe. The three Matte Lux Lipsticks are Big Break, Little League, and Name Drop.

The hype is real with these lipsticks. Click through to read the rest of my thoughts between the two formulas, see photos, and full face and lip swatches of the lipsticks. 

From left to right: Big Break, Little League, Name Drop, Lay Over, Pinkies Up, and Tip Toe

Colourpop Lux Lipsticks

Where To Purchase:

The lipsticks retail for $7.00 for 3.5 grams/0.12 oz. You can only get them at Colourpop. You can use the link to get 20% off your first order (which also provides me with $10.00 in referral credit).

Color Selection: 

There are a broad range of colors available in both the Creme and Matte formulas. If you want to view them on the website, they're broken down into the Pinks, Reds, Purples, Darks, and Nudes. I picked more of the Pinks and Nudes shades.


I can tell there was a lot of thought put behind the packaging and little details in each lipstick. The lipstick box is decorated in stars with metallic accents for the lettering. The lipstick container is made out of a shiny rose gold that resists fingerprints and is surprisingly hefty, not cheap-feeling. The lipstick bullet is also decorated with debossed stars.

Colourpop Lux Lipsticks: Review, Photos, and Swatches

However, I did notice some inconsistencies between lipsticks which I suspect is due to their attempts to meet the growing demands. Only one lipstick box had a color coordinated shade name sticker, the rest had a clear circular sticker. On the lipsticks, the new Matte Lux Lipsticks had a colored shade label on the bottom while the Creme Lux Lipsticks had a clear sticker on the bottom. Two of the lipsticks had some lipstick remnants on the inside of the tube, the lipstick itself is perfectly fine but the remnants were probably leftover from when they were putting the bullet into the packaging.

Colourpop Lux Lipsticks: Review, Photos, and Swatches

These differences have no impact on the lipstick's performance, but they're small details that are worth mentioning no matter the price point.


I'll talk about the Creme Lux Lipsticks first then the Matte Lux Lipsticks. It's worth mentioning that the lipsticks do apply a little lighter than pictured in the tube.

Colourpop says about the Creme Lux Lipsticks: 
  • This full coverage lipstick is packed full of the finest pigments to give you long wearing, true color in shades made for every skin tone. This formula glides on like butter and has a creamy matte finish. Our exclusive LUX blend of Acai, Jojoba and Pomegranate Seed butters hydrate and keep your lips looking fresh AF. Natural antioxidants protect your lips from environmental stressors and premature aging.

The lipstick lives up to its description, you've got a formula with enough pigmentation to give full coverage that lasts for several hours on the lips. I didn't have an issue with the color settling into lip lines or wearing away poorly over time. The lipstick has a satin-matte finish. The creamy finish makes it feel so comfortable on your lips and it applies without tugging or dragging. You can certainly blot your lips if you would like to make the lipstick more matte but I prefer to wear it as is. It's a great formula at an amazing price.

Colourpop says about the Matte Lux Lipsticks: 
  • This full coverage matte lipstick is packed full of the finest pigments to give you long wearing, true color in all the shades. The velvet matte finish is comfortable and non-drying, while soft blurring pigments lessen the look of fine lines. Enriched with Pomegranate, Goji Fruit, and Green Seed extracts to protect your lips from environmental stressors and premature aging.

This matte lipstick is unique because the color easily comes off of the lipstick, even when you're lightly pressing it on. There's no dragging, tugging, or fighting to get the lipstick on. I had no problems applying the lipstick, my problem was trying to keeping it looking good. I noticed with the lighter colors (Big Break and Name Drop) that the color can settle into lines or pull away where my lips meet. It didn't look "patchy", it just looked like it separated in my lip crevices. I didn't have this problem with Little League which is a little darker. The color settling is not as obvious when the lipstick is applied lightly. I do think the claim that the soft blurring pigments lessen the look of fine lines could be true but the formula itself can enhance fine lips as it wears.

I prefer the Creme Lux Lipsticks over the Matte Lux Lipsticks, but I also prefer the colors of the Creme Lux Lipsticks I got over the Matte Lux Lipsticks. I haven't tried the brighter and deeper shades in the Matte Lux range so I'm not sure if those perform better. I think the creamier formula of the Creme Lux Lipsticks will be more flattering vs. the matte formula.


The Creme Lux Lipsticks are Lay Over, Pinkies Up, and Tip Toe.

Lay Over

Colourpop Lux Lipsticks in Lay Over Swatch

Lay Over is described as a "medium rosy beige". It's a gorgeous mid tone rosy pink beige and would go with so many colors. It's one of my favorites to wear.

Pinkies Up 

Colourpop Lux Lipstick in Pinkies Up Swatch

Pinkies Up is described as a "rosey nude". Compared to Lay Over, it's less pink and a bit more brown. This is one of the colors that's reminiscent of that 90s browny nude. 

Tip Toe

Colourpop Lux Lipstick in Tip Toe Swatch

Tip Toe is described as a "light cool-toned nude". It's the lightest nude beige, it'd be great to wear with a smokey eye. It runs the edge of being too light on me but thankfully it isn't. 

The Matte Lux Lipsticks are Big Break, Little League, and Name Drop

Big Break

Colourpop Lux Lipstick in Big Break Swatch

Big Break is described as a " light blue-pink". I think this color pulls a bit too bright on my skintone. I think there's a lot of white in the formula so it looks especially stark against my skin. Hopefully you can see in the middle of my lips where the color looks like it's separating.

Little League 

Colourpop Lux Lipstick in Little League Swatch

Little League is described as a "cool mauve". A really beautiful midtone mauve. I didn't have any issue with how this performed on my lips, it's a bit darker than I expected but still works.

Name Drop

Colourpop Lux Lipstick in Name Drop Swatch

Name Drop is described as a "warm baby pink". This color looks more like a light peach on me and like Big Break, there's a lot of white in the formula so it looks more stark against my skin. This too had some issues with wear and some settling into lip lines.


I think the Creme Lux Lipsticks are an excellent addition to the Colourpop range. It's great to see the little details in the lipstick packaging that don't make it feel like a $7.00 lipstick. The Creme Lux are creamy, pigmented, and comfortable to wear. I think the Matte Lux are more hit and miss, the more midtone colors look like they'll perform better!

Have you tried any of Colourpop's Lux Lipsticks?

Disclaimer: I purchased these lipsticks myself. All opinions are my own. There is an affiliate link included in this post which provides me with referral credit based off your use of the link when making a purchase.


  1. I LOVE Tip Toe and Big Break, and I actually think that Big Break is stunning on you! I actually don't think it is in the least bit too bright on you!

  2. I love the packaging on these and the formula looks great!

  3. I admit having an addiction to their sticks and tubes. I bet I could add to that addiction with a purchase of just one of their new lipsticks in this packaging. I have a couple of lip primers, theirs is one, that seem to work well with keeping their lip products in place.

  4. I have 10 Lux lipsticks and only noticed the differences in the labeling after you pointed it out. I love the price point, color selection and wearability and can't wait for more colors.

  5. I haven’t tried these lipsticks yet but I want to try some of the creamy ones. I like the creamy lipstick colors you picked!

  6. I had forgotten all about the new lipsticks! Thanks for reminding me. I love the shades that you chose, and I am going to pick up a couple of the cream formula

  7. I love the stars! I think Little League is gorgeous on you!

  8. These neutrals are unbelievably gorgeous! I am really tempted to buy a few, and the only thing stopping me right now is my current purge project. I didn't get to my lipstick drawer yet, but I think I will discover plenty of prodcts I REALLY should be using more often before buying anything else.

  9. Layover and Little League are my favorites on you! The packaging is so pretty and look luxe!! Great review!

  10. I tend to wear more midtone to darker colours so I think the matte lipsticks may not be too much of an issue for me. That being said, I like the look of the creme lipsticks more. I've actually not picked up any of these yet, mostly because I'm trying to only buy what I will use (HAHA) and I don't know that I would want to ruin the pretty star imprints!

  11. I absolutely love the packaging on these. They are so pretty and they look beautiful on too!

  12. The shades are all pretty. I'd prefer the Creme Lux ones myself since matte and I don't always get along but the shades you bought are beautiful.

  13. I own 10 shades (I believe) from this line. Yes, they're good for the price vis-a-vis quality. There are 2 that smell and feel waxy but the rest are ok

  14. I love the packaging! I really appreciate you showing your normal lips then with the color side by side. So helpful in choosing for me!!

  15. Your product shots are gorgeous!

  16. I can't believe these are just $7 each! I think they all look beautiful on you, even the ones you didn't care for.

  17. These are beautiful, they look sooo creamy and comfortable. I hope that with their collaboration with Ulta Beauty they're able to stock these!

  18. All the shades you chose look FABULOUS on you! I still need to try this line, better get on it!

  19. Lay Over and Little League are really calling my name! They're both great neutrals for everyday looks. I haven't tried the formula yet but I'm very tempted.

  20. I am loving little league and the packaging is stunning.

  21. I have several of the original formula and love them!

  22. I love all of them! They are totally wearable and look great on you! The packaging looking so luxe too!

  23. I just picked up some wet n wild lipsticks and they just didn't cut it for me. Had I read your review first, I would have gone for a few Colourpop instead.

  24. Oh wow! I love all of these and could see wearing each one. That packaging is pretty amazing too!

  25. These are gorgeous between the colors and the style. I love Little League on you!

  26. The packaging is so pretty! I like Big League the best, but really I am a fan of all these neutral shades.


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