Day 12: Is it Christmas Yet?

Ruby Pumps one of the first China Glaze polishes I ever bought and I wore it all the time last year because of the holidays. I'm going to pretend Christmas is coming soon because it'll mean school will be over and I'll have a month to relax!

You must click to enlarge because it's utterly gorgeous and will get you in the Christmas mood

I had a rather nice day yesterday practicing my sign language with my boyfriend. He wanted me to sign without voicing (meaning I sign without saying out loud what he's signing or what I'm signing) and during the midst of this a couple of kids behind me were watching us.

My boyfriend then went to get out of our table and had to maneuver around a baby carrier that was on the seat and said out loud "Sorry" and "Excuse Me". He told me later that the kids behind us were so surprised to hear us speaking but that's what kidlings get :P

Are you getting into the Holiday spirit yet?


  1. I've always wanted to learn sign language. That polish looks even better with the glitter in it. Perfect for the holidays. :)

  2. That is a beautiful red polish! No, I'm not quite ready for the holidays yet. One at a time, and Thanksgiving isn't even here yet!

  3. @Mara

    It's honestly so rewarding and one of the easier languages to learn! There's no conjugation of terms and if you don't know a word you can just fingerspell it out.

    My boyfriend got me interested in that and then we are getting our mutual friends and his brother into it!

    I need it to be Christmas soon haha

  4. @The Peach

    I've basically forgotten that Thanksgiving is in between, all the places around me are getting ready for Christmas instead!

  5. i'd love to learn the sign language! once I learned the letters of my name but I forgot them :/
    this polish is beautiful!!


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