Wet n Wild 50% off :D

Woot woot Walgreens had Wet n Wild Cosmetics for 50% and there have been so many reviews lately about how awesome they are plus the Holiday set recently came out.

I think you can guess what happened next.

Mara posted about the wee ColorIcon eyeshadows here although my Walgreens was out of Penny :( I will say though, the clasp on the ColorIcon individual eyeshadow was harder (in my opinion) to open than the ColorIcon set.

And A Brilliant Brunette posted about the Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencils here and of course MakeupAlley had swatches of the ColorIcon Holiday palette.

I know someone on my followers list had awesome swatches of the Mega Last lipsticks but I can't remember who did :( I'll link to it here if I can find it!
Found it! It was Justine of Productrater! You can see them here. I will say though that the color swatch for Just Peachy shows up differently than my experience!

The lesson of the day is to stay off of the internet lest you find yourself in Walgreens eying down the Holiday Palettes.

PSA! When I got the Coloricon set I did not get it for 50% off but everything else was 50% off.

In addition, if you're lucky the Megalast lipstick will have a 1 dollar coupon like mine had which made it even better.


  1. Not sure if my comment went through, but I'm so disppointed our Walgreens doesn't have the holiday collection. I'm not sure if they haven't put it out yet or if we're never going to get them.... :(

    But you're so lucky to have access to them....

  2. @Mara

    I think some places are being slow about it, the holiday collection literally looked brand new and was untouched until I got there.

    If you can't manage to find it I can CP one for you!

  3. Sweet WnW haul! Too bad I don't have a Walgreens real close :(


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