Day 18: Electric Blue and Olives

I'm rather fond of Golden Olive pigment by MAC but I hardly ever use it so I thought it might be the time to whip it out!

This is me trying to learn how to blend blue eyeshadow, it's not working out quite so well, haha. I will say thought my eyelashes are looking hella long :D
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
MAC Golden Olive on the lid
MAC Shimmermoss in the crease under Electric Eel
MAC Electric Eel in the crease and outer lower lash line
NYX Sahara as the highlight
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Brunette
Maybelline Falsies Mascara in WP

Blaugh had a bad day at school while trying to declare my major. I went to Enrollment Services to get a form which they were out of so I went to the computer lab only to discover that you could not print it online so I went back to Enrollment Services where they proceeded to tell me to go to Academic Advising to get an advisor sign off electronically because "they don't do forms anymore".

Since the major I wanted to add was not impacted then I had to go to the Major Advisor of the Major in order to have them sign it off and I finally got that done and had to go back to Enrollment Services with a form that I was told before they did electronically but then I was able to turn it in.

I was pretty tired after walking around like that.


  1. The blue eyeshadow looks awesome! Sorry to hear you were getting the run around about trying to declare your major! I'm so glad to be done with college!

  2. The colors you chose are pretty :)

  3. That Golden Olive pigment looks gorgeous, I love the color! <3

  4. I like the color combination you chose looks really pretty

  5. Must go to MAC and buy that pigment now!


  6. @The Peach

    I'm probably not going to be done for ages especially since education reform in the university system I'm in has made it basically impossible to get a bachelor's in 4 years :(

  7. @Phyrra

    Thank you :)! I rather love all of the color combinations you do!

  8. @Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー

    I think that might have been one of the first MAC pigments I ever got!

  9. @Andrea

    I think Golden Olive looks gorgeous on everyone!

  10. Must go to MAC and buy that pigment now!



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