Eco Tools Brush Haul

I'm blaming Tiffany for this purchase because she reminded me of the Eco Tools BOGO deal on brushes at Rite Aid. I already owned their retractable kabuki and eyeliner brush so I didn't need much convincing to try the rest of the line out.

I bought the 6 piece brush set ($10.99) and for the 5 piece minerals set ($9.99) for free. I went back and forth about whether I should get the 5 piece minerals set or the 6 piece eye brush set ($7.99), but since the 5 piece minerals set is a better deal I can get the 6 piece eye brush set later.

For $10.99 this is one of the best brush investments I've ever made. The 6 piece brush set has a lash/brow groomer, eyeliner brush (I could always use a backup), eye shading brush, concealer brush, and a blush brush (which I contemplated getting by itself anyways and it's worth $7.99 on its own anyways).

The 5 piece minerals set has a baby kabuki (it's a little too floppy for my taste so that's why there's a black hair band wrapped around it to make it denser), mineral powder brush, an eye shading brush (it's got the same name as the one of the 6 piece set but it's more a blending brush like the MAC 222), and a concealer brush (which I can use for cream eyeshadows).

There's basically every type of brush you need to start your own brush collection plus for the price they're cheap as hell. I also like the bag that came with the 6 piece brush set because it has slots for the 5 brushes with a pouch for the 4 mineral brushes.

Have you tried out Eco Tools?


  1. Oh my goodness! I REALLY want to get these sets. I decided to opt to go to Ebay. The drugstores around where I live sell it for like $20 each - like how crazy is that?

  2. Eiii Ecotools! I love them :) so affordable and not too bad (at least most of their brushes) ~

  3. Oh dear. You went to get them, too. Yes, I will take that blame. :p ♥
    I'm jealous that your Rite Aid had all of those sets in stock! Definitely great buys!!! :]

  4. I haven't tried any Eco tools brushes. I want to have these brushes. I will check it out. Thanks for posting.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love ecotools! I only have one brush but I want more. =)


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