L'oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow in Playful for Brown Eyes

I think most people expect a negative review of this and I'm not going to disappoint. This is an overpriced gimmicky product and I'm wondering why anyone thought it was a good concept. I was sent this for free as part of being a member of Bzzagent.

If I paid the suggested retail price of $9.95 I would feel so gypped. Just stay far away. I don't even think you need to read my review to know how bad it is but I'll explain anyway.

The Applicator: I'm sorry but the concept is just so ridiculous. The premise is that you have this "unique" applicator that applies 3 shades in ONE SWEEP to define, color, and highlight eyes. Our eyes are not "One size fits all" so it's a little annoying that L'oreal thinks that this would work with all kinds of eye shapes. It's rather stiff so while the shorter contoured part fit easily in my inner eye, it was hard to actually get the color onto the other half of my eye.

The Eye Shadow: The eyeshadow formula is not pleasant. It's got a hard texture which picks up decently on the foam applicator. The issue lies in actually getting color onto your eyes. Out of the three shades, only the violet(the liner color) showed up and even then it was uneven.

Because it was hard to get the outer half of the applicator to apply on the outer half of my eye, the violet color was darker in my inner corner than in the outer corner.The taupe looks pretty in the pan but all I see on my eyes is shimmer, ditto for the light pink. Multiple swipes made the violet show up more but the taupe didn't and the violet wasn't even on both eyes.

I tried using the eyeshadows with a brush but they're so hard in the pan I just didn't want to keep bothering.

Ooh impressive yeah?
For $9.95 (depending on sales and such) I'd much rather go out and buy two of the Wet n Wild 8 pan palettes and an ELF $1 Eyeshadow brush and go to town with them.

This is so not worth it. I don't think you could even pay me to use it.

Disclaimer: This was sent to me by Bzzagent as part of being a member of their site. I'm not being paid for this and I have not been compensated in any way.


  1. It looks pretty but yeah not really impressive :(
    Great review <3
    I'm having my first giveaway-

  2. I have also seen other reviews where they haven't liked it too. I can understand the concept of it, but it obviously just doesn't work in practice. Great post!

  3. Boo, sorry this didn't work out for you. What a rip off too~ oh well. Even though it was hard to work with, you still came out with a pretty eye. ^^

  4. I was shocked to see that you were reviewing this. But then I saw you got it for free. I can't believe anyone would want to spend money on this shadow! The colors look nice in the pan, but thats probably the only good thing I can say about it! Thanks for your review!

  5. I've been waiting for someone to review this product. Mai, you're right. There is no pigmentation at all and also you're right now the $ when you say you can take the $ & put it towards WnW and elf.

  6. Sometimes it makes me so sad that companies think "easy solutions" for eye makeup can be defined around a certain eye shape. I don't have a defined crease either, so I can see how useless it would be :( how unfortunate!

  7. @Rakhshanda Yeah it's rather disappointing :(

    @Daniibeauty Thank you! It seems so amusing that L'oreal thinks it would fit for everyone!

    @The Peach I know, I would feel so bad if I had paid 10 bucks for this and got results like I did!

    @Mara It's so nice to see that Wet n Wild are really improving their shadows and that for 1/2 the price I get way better products

    @Sylvia It's so dumb and I think it makes me that much more skeptical about cosmetic ads!

  8. I knew it was too good to be true!! thank you for this post, very helpful as I am a product junkie and was inches from buying this xD


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