Meg's Makeup Package!

*Sorry about being so M.I.A. lately, I've been hardcore studying for phonetics and my language acquisition in addition to statistics but I've got a bit of a break before my major tests!*

I'm not sure if many of you have noticed the little buttons in the sidebar but one of the buttons is for Meg's Makeup. I'm pretty sure I was introduced to the brand by Jenny but it's been ages so I may not be correct.

The basic premise of the site is that you get rewarded for activity on the site, rating or commenting on posts or getting members to join (I get points if you click on the banner). You then redeem the points at levels of 50, 150 or 250 points. The more points you have the better the reward is. It sounds too good to be true but you honestly get the most amazing items for being a member. You do have to pay shipping and handling depending on the items but they're worth it!

You can join by invite (if you want me to send you one I can and I'd get 10 points for it)

For me, I redeemed 250 points (you can only collect up to 250 and then you have to redeem it in order to get more) and I paid 12 dollars in shipping. I will warn you that the time between your redemption and you actually receiving your package can be a couple of weeks. I redeemed mine on Jan 27th and I got it today March 2nd. I've seen people say it can take up to 2 months.

They also ship internationally for 15 I believe.

I received two Tarte items, a blush and a highlighter, an Urban Decay liner in Electric and a Suki To-Go kit. I also got a little business card with a personalized note thanking me for being a member!
I've never heard of Suki before this but I'm a little intrigued about some of the products. This is a mini skincare kit targeting redness and hyperpigmentation in the skin.

Just to tally things up, I paid 12 dollars in shipping.

Tarte Highlighter- worth $30
Tarte Blush- worth $25
Urban Decay 24/7 liner- worth $18
Suki To-Go set worth $28.95

Total:101.95 not including tax

It does take a long time to build up enough points to get this kind of prize but it doesn't cost anything other than shipping so I think it's worth it!

Are you a member of Meg's Makeup?

Disclaimer: I redeemed for these items from Meg's Makeup. I'm not getting paid by them at all and there is an affiliate button in the sidebar that allows me to get points if anyone clicks or joins through it. I don't get any money from the clicks or referrals though! I don't work for Meg's Makeup. Hopefully that covers all the bases!

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  1. Oh, I'm definitely checking this out....$12 is not bad for the items you recieved.


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