High Voltage Cosmetics Amp'd Up Gloss Impressions

Please read this post to see my updated opinion on the company.

I just read on the High Voltage Cosmetics facebook that the Amp'd Up Glosses will soon be discontinued.Looks like they're staying!

Anyway, I'm not sure if I had the Amp'd Up Glosses overly hyped in my head or what but I'm a little disappointed in my order. I love branding of the company and Jasmine seems like an amazingly sweet person so it's a little hard not to give it a glowing review.

I ordered on the 22nd, it shipped the 27th and got here yesterday. I bought three samples of the Amp'd Up Glosses in Jitterbug, Trendsetter, and Malicious and they're packed in clamshells with enough for a couple of applications. There is also a sticker on the back of the clamshells with the full ingredient list. Although unscented I actually thought they smelled a bit minty.

I apologize for the lack of swatches for Jitterbug and Trendsetter. For the life of me I could not get lip swatches that were color accurate and I'd rather not have any lip swatches as opposed to having inaccurate ones.

My opinions are different for all three colors so I'll talk about them individually.

Malicious looks very deceiving at first. It appears so dark in the clamshell but when you apply it on your lips or swatch it, it matches the site color. It is a gorgeous berry color with a frost to it. This one was the best out of the three that I got. It had a soft and creamy texture, very reminiscent of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. I had no problems with getting it even on my lips. This also acts as a lip stain.

high voltage shadows 002
darling girl and high voltage 003

Jitterbug is described as a creamy light salmon pink. My beef with this is that my sample doesn't look like the official picture at all in the clamshell or on my lips. In my opinion it looks way more salmon/coral/orangey although I couldn't capture the brightness in the picture. I had a problem with the texture because some of the sample was creamy like Malicious and some of it was harder like a lipstick which is a little bothersome.

high voltage shadows 003

Trendsetter is described as a natural pink. I think this is closer to the official product picture but a little bit darker. This one I'm just meh on. I couldn't get this one to go on nice and even on my lips. This also had an uneven texture throughout. In the picture you can see the larger pieces that were hard like lipstick but the surrounding product is soft and creamy. I also had problems with smaller hard pieces of the gloss dispersed throughout so I had to pick them out because they wouldn't blend out on my lips.

high voltage shadows 005

I really liked Malicious but I'm not sure the Amp'd Up Gloss formula is for me. Everyone talks up High Voltage so I'm wondering if I just got a bad batch. I think I'd like to try her more popular Lip Candies instead.

I'm not going to completely write High Voltage off quite yet; I think my first impressions just aren't that great. Because of my experiences with them, I find I can't recommend them. I don't like that Jitterbug looks so different from the product photo and the inconsistency with the textures. I imagine its because of the different pigments used for each product but I think there should be some consistency in the product line.

If you're interested in trying High Voltage, I would highly recommend you add their facebook. They announce their sales there frequently. Details on the site and on the facebook page.


  1. I haven't tried HV's lip products yet... but I may try the lip candies first too!

  2. I don't think I've ever heard of this brand before. I'm liking Malicious on you though. It  is a bit dark, but definitely not too dark. Very sultry in a way. ^^ Thanks for this little review and for the info!

    BTW, http://tiffyama.blogspot.com/2011/06/feature-butterfly-blogger-award.html -- check this out when you get the chance. :]

  3.  That is probably my biggest complaint about High Voltage.  I am always a little disappointed in my order because the colors usually vary wildly from what I am expecting to get.  I haven't had any problems with the consistency like yours show though.   The Lip Candies are hard, so I don't really like them in the pots.  It's too hard to get enough on my brush to apply well.  I would be willing to try them again when she makes them in lipstick form.

  4. Oh, wanted to add.  I did melt my lip candies and pour them into lip balm tubes and they work well like that-but that's too much work to buy the pots again.

  5. They're switching containers into the slim line tube which I imagine will be better for you and a bunch of other customers

  6. I really like the colors of Jitterbug & Malicious...too bad they didn't apply too well. :(


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